Intersec conference: Responsible care management systems

Don’t miss Maher M. Al-Dughaim, EHSS General Manager, Chemanol, speaking about Changing organisation culture through RC Management System ‘Chemanol Experience’ during the Occupational Safety Conference at Intersec 2015. Get a taster of what to expect from the below interview.

What is the RC Management System that Chemanol implemented?

Responsible care is a global, voluntary initiative developed to cater industry’s desire and commitment to improve the performances in the areas of Environment, Health, Safety, Security and going beyond the fence to cover transportation, product stewardship.

It is a management system adopted and followed by 54 regional/national associations in more than 60 countries around the world.

We at Chemanol follow management codes developed by GPCA “Gulf Petrochemical & Chemical Association” covering the requirements of seven codes followed in Responsible care. GPCA is regional body affiliated to International Council of Chemical Association (ICCA).

What were the outcomes of the system and how did it change Chemanol’s organisational culture?

Increased awareness on EHSS requirements and understanding their role in better managing the hazards and risks associated with plant operations among employees in the company.

EHSS is everyone’s responsibility and is integral to Operations. Cultural shift brought employee involvement for managing Safety, environment and health aspects.

This was achieved by linking some requirements to their performance system and by awards and recognition programs.

How effective would the management system be in other Middle East organisations with hazardous working environments?

It is an integral management system covering different aspects of Environment, Health, safety and Security.

It will help industry in establishing a management system going through Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle and a sustainable culture of safety in the petrochemical industry in the region and benefit the stakeholders in the longer run.

What were the reasons behind implementing the RC Management System at Chemanol?

Responsible care is an integrated management system and goes beyond the fence covering all stakeholders’ interest in the business. Chemanol believes that this system would bring the necessary cultural change in the organisation and value to stakeholders. This is industry trend and is adopted by more than 60 countries and large companies around the world.

Can you please provide more detail about your presentation at the Intersec Occupational Safety Conference?

My presentation will cover how responsible care was implemented at Chemanol and the cultural change that we got with the implementation.

Finally, how significant is it for you to be speaking at the Intersec Occupational Safety Conference?

I am closely associated with GPCA and chairman of Performance Metrics committee. I represent Chemanol at GPCA.

I believe responsible care goes beyond the traditional occupational safety and in the longer run will bring sustainability in the industry and value addition to stakeholders.

Responsible care will change the way the community looks at industry as something adding value rather than causing harm to environment and society.

Responsible care drives companies for results in reduction in incident rates, improved energy efficiencies, reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

I believe that speaking at Intersec is a good opportunity to enhance responsible care implementation in the Middle East and provide practical experience of petrochemical companies to the attendees.

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