Intersec: Avon Barrier Company bring anti-terrorist vehicle blocking products

To meet the specialist and often demanding requirements of anti-terrorist vehicle blocking products for the Middle East, Avon Barrier Company has further developed its product line to include advanced new barriers as well as crash-tested road blockers, gates and bollards.

The company’s stand no. S2-402P will feature details of their new EB750 ATEX barrier, believed to be the World’s first ATEX certified barrier, developed for use in environments where there may be an inherent risk of explosion such as oil and gas handling and processing.  This development provides a safe option for these applications and will ensure that companies can take a ‘whole site’ approach to security, without any areas being unprotected.

The company’s road blockers have been particularly successful in the Middle East where they are being used to protect critical infrastructure against risk of terrorist attack including extreme Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED).  They have recently formed part of one of largest contracts in the region to safeguard oil handling and processing facilities.

Road blockers are designed for ease of installation and include options of a traditional deep blocker, a shallow foundation blocker and a surface mounted blocker, depending on the installation and risk.  All of these products have been subjected to a rigorous impact tested program, models include the RB780CR, the RB880CR shallow-mounted road blocker, and the RB980CR PAS68 Surface Road Blocker designed mainly for temporary requirements.

As well as a wide range of product options, Avon Barrier also provides proven levels of protection through a programme of suitable crash-testing.  The company has tested to U.K Government developed PAS68* standards which are similar to US DoS K12, K8 and K4 specification, and the company has the only gate that has been certified and successfully tested to both the UK PAS 68 and the US ASTM 2656-07 standard with a P1 rating.

Paul Jeffrey, Managing Director of Avon Barrier Company said; “The Middle East is a key region for us and Intersec offers the opportunity to show what is one of the largest ranges of anti-terrorist vehicle blocking products.  Our products provide the very highest standards and levels of protection, which meet the expectations of our clients and partners within the region.”



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