Integrated security management at the Central Bank of Nigeria

S610f fingerprint reader

S610f fingerprint reader

The Central Bank of Nigeria has opted for the CEM AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) access control and security management system from CEM Systems to secure many of its premises across Nigeria. The systems have been supplied by CEM Approved Reseller Pentagon Distribution.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is charged by the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the overall control and administration of the monetary and financial sector policies of the Federal Government.

“CEM AC2000 SE was chosen because it is a powerful and fully integrated security management system, offering powerful access control, alarm processing, photo badging, power management and integration to third party systems” said Edward Van Trotsenburg Export Manager, Pentagon . “CEM are also able to provide fully integrated biometric solutions with the S610f fingerprint reader. This means that CBN can efficiently increase security levels at required areas.”

“The Central Bank of Nigeria required an access control solution that provides the highest level of security, and that is scalable to meet the needs of their different offices throughout the country now and in the future. AC2000 was the ideal solution to help CBN meet all their requirements” said Philip Verner, Regional Sales Director, EMEA, CEM Systems. “The Central Bank of Nigeria is one of many recent finance industry wins for CEM Systems and represents a growing trend for CEM in the sector and the African market.”

CEM S3030 Portable ReaderAC2000 SE provides an advanced level of integration using industry standard interfaces to link to third party systems.  CBN required the AC2000 system to integrate with Bosch video interface in order to control video and access via one solution.  AC2000 application Alarm Event Display (AED) responds to all alarm situations in real time providing a dynamic on-screen interface to external CCTV systems with facilities for CCTV switching, remote door broadcasting and audio output in response to alarm events.

AC2000 VIPPS (Visual Imaging & Pass Production System) allows CBN administrators to produce professional quality permanent and temporary ID passes for staff and visitors. CBN also utilize CEM’s AC2000 WEB Visitors application.  This application has all the power of the original AC2000 Visitors feature but with the added benefit of being accessible via the web.  This means that users can log in remotely via a web page to manage visitors without the need for client access control software on their PC.

To meet the requirement for minimal downtime on site, CEM’s AC2000 Failover was selected to create a secondary server that can take over from the main server in the event of system failure.  The switch between the two servers is automatic and results in zero data loss, with notification of the event being sent to system users and administrators immediately.

In addition to the numerous software options chosen by the Central Bank of Nigeria, a variety of CEM hardware solutions are used on site.  CBN is installing CEM’s S610e intelligent card reader, which gives full off-line validation and decision making at the point of entry, even when host communication is not available. The S610e also features a keypad and backlit LCD which provides meaningful messages to cardholders for example Wrong Time Zone, Lost/Stolen Card and Access Granted.

Given CBN’s focus on providing the utmost security, CEM S610f biometric fingerprint readers are being deployed in areas that required additional security.  The CEM S610f is a fully integrated biometric and access control reader that is used to control access to restricted areas, which is managed and monitored by security staff using the AC2000 SE system.

Additional hardware also included the S3030 Portable reader that can be used for ID card validation at temporary entrances which have no power, and can be used as a mobile device for random checks within pre-defined zones. The display of cardholder details on the reader such as Name, Date of Birth and Job Title and also cardholder photograph, allows for visual verification of cardholders.

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