Instek’s MatriVideo VMS integrates with Probe’s IP cameras

Instek Digital
Instek Digital

Instek Digital

Instek Digital Co., Ltd. a developer of high quality surveillance solutions is pleased to announce the integration of industry leading high-tech IP-video cameras from Probe with Instek Digital’s MatriVideo™ video management solution Command Center.

Probe’s has a wide array of IP-camera supporting by MatriVideo™ video management solution Command Center. Adding to Probe’s already impressive list of camera manufacturers – Instek Digital shows its commitment to be a true open platform solutions provider. With this integration – Instek Digital and Probe continues to offer flexible, reliable and scalable video surveillance solutions to mutual customers

The following Probe IP-cameras are integrated with MatriVideo™ Command Center:

PTI-H2100 / PTI-H1302 / PMI-H2000 / PMI-H1300 PID-H2010T PIC-H2010T PID-H1000 PIP-H1000 PIC-H1000 PIN-H1310T PIN-H2010T PIK-H1310T PIK-H2010T PIF-H2030T

PIZ-H2000 PIB-H2010T PMI-403 PMI-410 PTI-401 PTI-403 PTI-500 PTI-501 PID-500 PID-501 PIC-500 PIC-501 PIS-400

This partnership highlights the continuous effort both companies are pursuing to offer customers a customized video surveillance solution. Both companies will keep working closely to bring more integration of Probe’s cameras and Instek Digital’s software solutions to the market.

Instek Digital : Li-Chiang Wang (  or +886 2 2914 1839 ext. 215);
Probe Inc. : Simon Chen (  or +65 9747 5123);
Probe Inc. : Anna An (  or +82 31 777 3462).

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