Instek integrates its NVR with MOBOTIX 360° IP camera

Instek Digital
Instek Digital

Instek Digital

Instek Digital, a leading provider of digital video surveillance systems, has completed a two month project to tightly integrate its MatriVideo Network Video Recorder (NVR) with the new MOBOTIX Hemispheric Q24M 3 Megapixel IP camera.  The MOBOTIX Hemispheric Q24M camera can now be used along with other MegaPixel camera brands that are supported by the Instek Digital Matrivideo platform.

Instek Digital, which has been working in partnership with MOBOTIX for several years, decided to focus its integration efforts on the new MOBOTIX 360 degree camera when it saw its unique capabilities and popularity. The product’s success is due to its compact, robust build meaning that no additional housing is needed even when installed outside. It also benefits from unique in-camera de-warping software and Micro SD card in-camera storage. The de-warping software eliminates the fish-eye view distortion that 360 degree cameras naturally produce and enhances panoramic views substantially.

The MOBOTIX Q24M camera offers a clear benefit of being able to cover spaces that might require four or five fixed cameras to cover them.  It is ideal to cover corridors in large buildings for example because one Q24, if placed on a corridor intersection could cover the full length of several corridors with ease.

From an installer’s perspective the Instek-MOBOTIX camera-NVR integration means that they can select the MOBOTIX Q24 as part of an overall solution while choosing other cameras best suited to other locations and security requirements as required. They will also be free to select other storage and video management systems as required.

Adjustment of the Q24 is via a browser in order to view and record the best possible image. It is possible to view and record the all same image formats through the Instek Digital Matrivideo NVR as with the MOBOTIX browser software.  Such has been the success of this integration that Instek Digital NVRs and MOBOTIX Q24s have already been installed in several UK sites.

Alastair Walker, business development manager of Veracity UK Limited, Instek Digital’s UK partner, explained:

“The Q24 will suit applications within certain solutions and should help reduce camera units needed on large installs.  UK installers that want an open system which uses a mix of surveillance cameras, perhaps also integrated with other security applications like door entry, can use Instek MatriVideo NVRs to manage and display images knowing that they will now gain the full benefits provided by this leading 360 degree camera.”

Instek Digital products are provided in the UK and Ireland by Instek’s technical development partner, Veracity UK Ltd.

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