Instek Digital present MatriVideo™ Global’ Solution at Intersec Dubai

Instek Digital

Instek Digital

Instek Digital’s MatriVideo™ Global is a powerful solution – providing an easy to manage solution for larger organizations that covers multiple building, cities or countries requiring central monitoring and management of remote systems. Instek Digital offers four features for optimized global surveillance architecture. Instek Digital’s MatriVideo™ Global Solution is a natural fit for organizations with hundreds of building or sites, for multi-national corporations, as well as for central monitoring stations supervising hundreds of remote and independent clients.

MatriVideo™ Global Administrator (GA)

MatriVideo™ GA is a smart solution for centralized user, device and alarm management. It grants users and administrators access to combination of sites – from a single system to an entire network of systems. It helps connecting geographical distributed sites – providing users the ability to view various sites in once central location. MatriVideo™ GA enables user, device and alarm permission settings – ensuring experience, and password, no matter where the cameras are located, including limitations that can restrict access to specific cameras based on the business rules.

MatriVideo™ Stream Manager (SM)

When multiple users across multiple independent sites try to access one live video stream simultaneously – the network bandwidth can be a problem. For optimized bandwidth utilization – Instek Digital designed the powerful MatriVideo™ Stream Manager. MatriVideo™ SM is a distinctive solution for transcoding surveillance video. It acts as a translation device between a NVR and client – transcoding input video stream to a lower resolution to save bandwidth – allowing multiple users to access the same video at the same time. MatriVideo™ streaming technology is designed to transmit high-quality video streams in H.264, MPEG4 and MJPEG over the internet – using MatriVideo™ (h)DVR, NVR or archive server as video source.

MatriVideo™ Relay Server (RS)

Additionally to MatriVideo™ SM – Instek Digital introduces MatriVideo™ Relay Server. It is a universal content streaming server specially designed for large-scale, multi-site installations surveillance. MatriVideo™ RS streams a real-time single video stream to multiple users simultaneously.


MatriVideo™ Mobile Server (MS)

For security people on the move – MatriVideo™ MS has been specially designed to view and control surveillance videos from anywhere at anytime. MatriVideo™ MS will stream real-time video – to any web-browser on a mobile device; such as a cell phone, notebook or tablet PC. It provides mobile flexibility through – viewing live and playback video, creating/modifying/deleting patterns and tours – support for full PTZ control, DI/DO and video stream up to 30 fps. Using Wi-Fi, 4G and 3G networks – MatriVideo™ MS ensures that while security personnel are on the move – they always have access to the camera video on site. MatriVideo™ MS is the ideal mobile solution for global video surveillance.

MatriVideo™ C4 Retail NVR

The MatriVideo™ C4 Retail NVR is the next generation for the distinctive needs for the retail industry. It supports up to 16 IP cameras and also has space for four swappable hard-drives with a total capacity of 12TB. Multiple MatriVideo™ C4 Retail NVRs can be connected via a network to allow both on-site and off-site management. With the cost-effective pricing – this system can be installed at multiple locations – making it the ideal NVR for today’s distributed retail business model.

MatriVideo™ i2DP – Instek Digital Disaster Prevention

Instek Digital Disaster Prevention (i2DP) is a high level video surveillance mitigation concept. It helps to reduce risk and minimize downtime in the event of a disaster. This concept includes the following elements: MatriVideo™ Power DOM (creating a reliable video recorder from any PC), MatriVideo™ Archive Server (comprehensive storage safeguard), MatriVideo™ Failover (advanced backup solution for a NVR) and MatriVideo™ Video Reclaim (automated IP video Redundancy Solution).



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