Insider Threat – Critical Learning at ASIS Europe 2016

Insider Threat - Critical Learning at ASIS Europe 2016

Critical Learning for Senior Security Professionals

Programme Highlights – Insider Threat

Given the impact of ISIL and their ideology, it is clear there is an increasing risk that organizations face when employees radicalise and become a potential terrorist threat.

There are many examples that highlight this risk. Where vetting is still seen as an important safeguard to avoid recruiting potential terrorists, it is a wholly different story when employees radicalise.

How to detect this, how to assess the risk, how to respond? When to report to the authorities? This is likely one of the bigger challenges of the coming decade.

Werner Cooreman, CPP, PSP, Vice President, Security Express Europe – DHL, Germany
The Insider Threat and the Employment Lifecycle

The employment lifecycle is a human resources model that identifies stages in employees’ careers to help guide their management and performance. Since security is implicit in our day-to-day activities it must therefore be a continuing influence during the employment lifecycle of each and every individual.

For an organisation to have effective security it needs documented policies and instructions to govern the actions of all those within its circle of trust. The vast majority of breaches and security events occur at the most basic levels of our defences.

Most attacks succeed by directly targeting our people. Human error and ignorance amongst our workforces presents a huge gap in our defences but many organisations have still to fully integrate security into the employment lifecycle.

Martin Smith, Chairman and Founder, The Security Company, UK

Psychopaths is well known term from the movies, but often not recognised properly in the corporate arena. We will define the characteristics of psychopaths and look at what recent studies have discovered.

Defined as “Snakes in suits”, they are a major risk for any organisation that employs them, yet some highly functioning psychopaths manage to climb up the corporate ladder through superficial charm, grandiose sense of self worth, lies and deceit, manipulation and shear boldness. This is a crash course for any security professional on how to mitigate the risk created by psychopaths.

Totti Karpela
Director, Peace of Mind Threat Management, Hong Kong

Plus: Cybersecurity, Business Value of Security, Terrorism Outlook, Internet of Things and Technology & Solutions

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