Inkerman increases protection teams in Egypt amid rising security threat

inkerman-logoThe Inkerman Group has deployed additional Close Protection Operatives to join its existing operational teams to assist clients in Cairo, Egypt, as its intelligence teams continue to monitor the situation and keep clients updated 24/7 with security alerts.

The move comes at a crucial time as violent clashes continue and the UK Foreign Office urges those visiting the Red Sea tourist resorts to stay in the grounds of their hotels, following a warning by Egyptian police.

The close protection operatives have reported hearing gun fire around the city as recent security alerts issued to clients from The Inkerman Group’s 24/7 Emergency Response Centre and Operational Control Room based in Ashford, Kent have included;

  • The Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Mohammed Badie, was arrested in Cairo early on 20 August 2013
  • At least twenty-four police officers were killed in an ambush in northern Sinai early on 19 August 2013.
  • Security forces claim four armed men stopped two police buses, as they were travelling near Rafah on the Gaza border, forcing the passengers to get out of the bus before opening fire.
  • Several other police officers were also injured in an explosion during the same attack.
  • At least thirty-six people were killed when they attempted to break out of police custody while in transit near Cairo late on 18 August 2013.

Companies with business interests in Egypt are facing the challenge of responding to the current situation in-country and many board rooms throughout the world continue to discuss the issue of when it will be appropriate to evacuate personnel and their families.

The Inkerman Group has responded to clients’ increased requirements and needs by sending additional active operational teams in-country. The Inkerman Group is delivering a whole range of risk management and security services including Crisis Management, Executive Close Protection, Emergency Evacuation, Premises and Asset Protection, Travel Safe and Tracking, as well as providing information and intelligence.

The Inkerman Group’s corporate intelligence team is creating reports for clients, combining intelligence from our in-country experts, with cutting edge analytical tools to map emerging risks and build a forward-looking picture designed to give clients the actionable intelligence on which to base their business continuity and operational planning.

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