Infragreen Select Opengear for Clean and Green Remote IT Management

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opengearOpengear, a leading provider of critical infrastructure management solutions through advanced console servers, remote management, monitoring, and cellular out-of-band products, today announced that Infragreen A/S, a leading high-tech company within fibre infrastructure and data centre operations has selected Opengear technology to streamline site deployment processes and troubleshooting.

Infragreen is a communication and datacentre related company with close relations to Bulk Eiendom AS, the largest real estate developer in Norway for logistics and manufacturing facilities. Working with stock listed industrial groups, Infragreen plans to established three strategically centred data campus sites close to Oslo, each supplied by clean green hydro-electric power and directly linked to a dark fibre network. These facilities are believed to be Europe’s first carbon neutral data campus and the site of the world’s cleanest cloud.

Infragreen also provides a range of products including global IP infrastructure across fibre and Wi-Fi, network design, implementation and support to a growing community of national and international clients. To help quickly provision new network equipment and to support troubleshooting tasks, “We chose Opengear because it has an extensive set of features which we find compelling,” says Jon Suphammer, CTO for Infragreen A/S.

“If for example there is a system or operator error that impacts networking equipment, we often had to go on site to correct the error which, could result in lengthy downtime in certain cases. Our use of Opengear has allowed us to quickly resolve equipment issues remotely and also provide access to network monitoring via the mobile 3G network when a site is unreachable via the regular network,” he adds.

Suphammer also points to faster equipment staging workflows that have allowed Infragreen to ship network equipment directly to remote sites with configuration carried out remotely via Opengear’s out-of-band connectivity. To date, Infragreen has deployed an Opengear IM4248 Infrastructure Manager for Datacenter management at one site for the moment. The use of remote connectivity also reduces unnecessary travel which matches the ethos to reduce environmental impact that is a core value of the company.

Infragreen AS were provided with access to Opengear technology through TD Tech department in Trend Distribution Nordic. TD Tech department in Trend Distribution Nordic and Suphammer confirms that it plans to deploy Opengear console servers within its own datacenters and node rooms in the near future. “We have been very pleased with Opengear and Trend Distribution Nordic who have both been very supportive during our deployments,” he adds.

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