Infosecurity Europe opens its doors today – Olympia, London

Lord Sebastian Coe announced as Guest Keynote Speaker at Infosecurity Europe 2017

Infosecurity Europe opens its doors today - Olympia, London

Dame Stella Rimington, Jeremy Paxman & Lord Sebastian Coe delivering opening keynotes


360 exhibitors | 18,000+ infosecurity professionals | 240+ expert speakers

2017 theme: Cybersecurity at the Speed of Business

Europe’s no.1 information security event, opens today for its 22nd edition, welcoming over 18,000 infosecurity professionals to Olympia, London, who will be showcasing and debating the latest innovations and challenges in cybersecurity.

Infosecurity Europe’s theme for this year is Cybersecurity at the Speed of Business, set against a backdrop of global economic and political uncertainty.   The Keynote Stage programme will analyse the challenge of developing an agile security strategy that can keep pace with business transformation and the evolving threat landscape, providing strategic and tactical advice on how to address these challenges.  The industry’s leading thought-leaders, practitioners, policy-makers and analysts will address key themes including managing the human risk; building an agile security team; securing critical information assets and achieving compliance; disruptive technologies and building a cyber-resilient enterprise.

Highlights across the three days include:

  • Opening Keynote Presentations from Dame Stella Rimington (Tuesday), Jeremy Paxman (Wednesday) and Lord Sebastian Coe (Thursday)
  • The induction of prominent cyberpsychologist Professor Mary Aiken into the Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame
  • The four finalists of the UK’s Most Innovative Small Cybersecurity Company of the Year national competition, will go head-to-head in a pitch-off on the Keynote Stage (Wednesday, 12.55-13.55)
  • A Women in Cybersecurity Networking Event presented by Infosecurity Magazine focusing on opportunities for women in the industry.  The event will begin with two keynote speeches from BBC Technology journalist Kate Russell and Mary-Jo de Leeuw, Associate Partner, Revnext and founder of the Women in Cyber Security Foundation and will be followed by a panel discussion (Wednesday, 08:30-11:00)

Day-by-day highlights at Infosecurity Europe include:


10:00-11:50: (Keynote Stage) Open Secret with Dame Stella Rimington, former Director General of MI5

Drawing on her experience as the first female Director General of MI5, a position she held until 1996, Dame Stella will discuss her fascinating career in the security service and her work in counter-subversion, counter-espionage and counter-terrorism.

11:20-11:35: (Tech Talks) Ways to Make your Security Management Simple

Presentation by Cisco.                                                                                                                                                                                     

13:55-15:25: (Keynote Stage) Risks, Threats & Adversaries: What (or Who) Should You Be Worried About?

Comprised of three presentations, guests will hear speeches from esteemed speakers on Getting to Know the Cyber Adversary, Attack Vectors: Latest Trends & Implications for Cyber Defence Strategies and Countering Ransomware – When Should You Pay the Ransom? Each speaker will delve into the threat landscape.

14:00-14:25: (Strategy Talks) Securely Connecting a Global Workforce to the Cloud – an Inside View

Sebastien Huet, CTO, Remy Cointreau, and Xavier Leschaeve, Global CISO, Remy Cointreau.

15.40-16.20: (Keynote Stage) How Microsoft Secures Data & Protects User Privacy

A talk from Bret Arsenault, CISO, Microsoft.


08:30-11:00: (Olympia Conference Centre) Women in Cybersecurity Networking Event

Infosecurity Magazine puts careers for women in cybersecurity on its 2017 agenda, presenting a dedicated Women in Cybersecurity Networking Event, as part of Infosecurity Week.  The event will bring together Infosecurity professionals to learn and network with each other in a collaborative environment, beginning with two keynote speeches from BBC Technology journalist Kate Russell and Mary-Jo de Leeuw, Associate Partner, Revnext and founder of the Women in Cyber Security Foundation.

10:00-10:50: (Keynote Stage) Governments, Businesses and Other Scoundrels: Why Trust Anyone? With Jeremy Paxman

Stories abound in the media about fake news, the hacking of democratic elections, government surveillance and the leaking of personal information when businesses are breached. Central to them all is the issue of trust. Jeremy Paxman will draw on his expertise in current affairs, politics and history and share his perspective on the notion of trust in the modern world. Can we and indeed, should we trust anyone?

11:05-11:45: (Keynote Stage) Spotlight on Disruptive Technologies: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Cybersecurity Risk vs Opportunity?

Bruce Schneier, Security Technologist and Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame Alumnus will take an in-depth look at AI technology, how to secure it and whether it offers a new opportunity for cybersecurity or a new attack vector for cyber-adversaries.

11:20-11:45: (Tech Talks) Insights into the Mind of a Hacker

Presented by Cisco.

12:55-13:55: (Keynote Stage) The UK’s Most Innovative Small Cybersecurity Company of the Year: Competition Final

The top four companies from the 14 finalists will be pitching in front of the Infosecurity Europe audience and an expert judging panelchaired by Martin Chalmers, Managing Director, Aerospace Defence, Security & Technology, Atkins, and also comprising Eileen Burbidge, Partner, Passion Capital; David A Cass, Vice President & CISO, Cloud and SaaS Operational Services, IBM and Paul Crichard, CTO & Head of Technical Strategy, BT Security.

14:00-14:25: (Strategy Talks) CISO Confessions: Security Lessons Learned from Modern Day Cyber-Attacks

David Meltzer, CTO at Tripwire, Martin Whitworth, Research Director at IDC, Stephen Khan, Head of Information Security Strategy & Architecture at RBS, and Thom Langford, CISO at Publicis Groupe.

14:10-15:30: (Keynote Stage) EU GDPR Benchmark - Where Should Your Organisation be Now?

With the EU GDPR due to be implemented in 2018, Peter Brown, Senior Technology Officer at ICO will analyse the measures you should be taking to be compliant, providing you with a benchmark of where you should be in your preparations, if you’re not there yet and provide practical advice on what your next steps should be. The briefing will be followed by a panel discussion on Privacy, Security and EU GDPR: Practitioners’ Guide to Compliance from speakers at Costa Coffee, HSBC and ICO.


10:00-10:50: (Keynote Stage) Cyber, Risk and Resilience in Sport and Business with Lord Sebastian Coe

Lord Coe will share his unique perspective on cyber risk, discuss his experience of managing risk and reputation in sport and business, and explain how challenges in the lead-up to the 2012 Olympics were overcome.

12.00-13.30: (Keynote Stage) Cyber Attack Survival Guide: Fostering Cyber Resilience within the Organisation (Live Incident Response Scenario)

Stakeholders from information security, legal, communications and law enforcement form an incident management team to respond to a cyber-attack scenario. Panellists from Camelot, the Metropolitan, Police Service, Centrica and Edelman will share their perspective on how to respond as the scenario unfolds.

13:20-13:45: (Tech Talks) Hurricanes, Earthquakes & Threat Intelligence

Jonathan Couch, SVP Strategy, ThreatQuotient.

13:45-14.30: (Keynote Stage) Professor Mary Aitken’s official induction into the Hall of Fame

During this session, Professor Mary Aitken will be in conversation with Eleanor Dallaway, Editor and Publisher of Infosecurity Magazinediscussing her career as a forensic cyberpsychologist, her current research projects, and will share insights on future threats, and the importance of human factors in information security.

Infosecurity Europe, Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London - opening times:

Tuesday 6 June & Wednesday 7 June: 09.30-17.30.  Thursday 8 June: 09.30-16.00.

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