Indonesian toll road now monitored by VIVOTEK’s network cameras

Indonesia’s Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road Is Secured with VIVOTEK’s Network Cameras_2Background : Secured Toll Roads, Secured Economic Dynamics

A toll road, a roadway that requires a fee for access, is designed more organized and straight for transport. Toll roads are generally planned as a country’s key land-based transportation links, facilitating the seamless connection of diversified economic activities and supporting economic growth across the entire country. Hence, a comprehensive security system for toll roads should be highly valued and prioritized. The implementation of a reliable security mechanism with an effective and robust surveillance system along the toll road or installed at each stopping spot is undoubtedly making great contributions to the smooth operation of and a safer environment on toll roads since traffic volume, toll collection and license plates can be clearly and precisely identified and recorded for any further analysis or investigation. Toll stations built for fee collection are the key stopping spots, making them ideal for a more comprehensive surveillance installation, as closer and clearer monitoring of vehicles can be performed.

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) was established in 1978 by the Indonesian government to plan, build, operate, and maintain all toll roads in the country. After amendments made to applicable laws, Jasa Marga now functions fully as a toll road operator and developer. Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road, a 73 kilometer-long toll road stretching from East Jakarta to Cikampek, Karawang (West Java), has been under the administration of Jasa Marga since it opened in 1988. Earlier this year, Jasa Marga embarked on a project to upgrade surveillance video quality to a level that could not be achieved with the toll road’s existing analog cameras.

Indonesia’s Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road Is Secured with VIVOTEK’s Network Cameras_3Solution: Higher Quality, Better Security

After receiving professional consulting services from PT Hotware Indonesia, a leading surveillance products supplier and also VIVOTEK’s official distributor in the Indonesia market, Jasa Marga decided to install 70 of VIVOTEK’s IP8335H 1-megapixel network bullet cameras outside toll stations for traffic monitoring.

Cameras that are installed outside of toll stations must be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and cope with challenging light conditions while securing video of usable quality. The IP8335H, designed with the WDR Pro function and a weather-proof IP67-rated housing, was the ideal choice to this project. With WDR Pro, even under high-contrast lighting environments the camera can deliver video of quality close to that of human vision by capturing both the dark and bright parts of an image with double shutters, enabling two frames to be combined to generate a highly accurate image of the original scene. In addition, equipped with an IR-cut filter and built-in IR illuminators with coverage for up to 20 meters, the IP8335H can capture high-quality video at all hours.

More uniquely, the IP8335H incorporates a P-iris lens, which controls the iris with extreme precision using a built-in stepper motor, maintaining the aperture at an optimal size at all times, resulting in superior sharpness and depth of field.

Indonesia’s Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road Is Secured with VIVOTEK’s Network Cameras_1Achievement : VIVOTEK Technology Cemented the Safety on the Road

William Ku, Vice President of VIVOTEK’s International Business Division, stated: “VIVOTEK has accumulated quite a breadth of experience in transportation projects worldwide. We are delighted that PT Jasa Marga chose VIVOTEK’s cameras to complement the rest of its surveillance infrastructure. More importantly, thanks to our local partner PT Hotware Indonesia’s great support for and deep involvement with the entire project, the surveillance enhancements for the Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road were completed smoothly and successfully.”

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