Indonesian recreational complex saves money with Raytec’s LED illuminators

Taman Tirtoyoso public swimming pool and recreational complex
Taman Tirtoyoso public swimming pool and recreational complex

Taman Tirtoyoso public swimming pool and recreational complex

Energy-efficient, RAYLUX White-Light LED illuminators have been installed at the Taman Tirtoyoso public swimming pool and recreational complex, Kediri – East Java, Indonesia. The White-Light illuminators from Raytec are replacing conventional bulb lighting to deliver a safer environment for pedestrians and to secure the site at night, as well as saving a significant amount of energy and money.

All RAYLUX Illuminators deliver a longer life, lower power consumption, lower running costs and lower maintenance, compared to alternative lighting technology. PT Golden Solution Indonesia, the integrator responsible for the installation calculates that reduced energy consumption and maintenance will save the Taman Tirtoyoso area around £7,000 on labour and electrical savings annually and up to £70,000 over the ten year life of the installation.

“Not only does the customer benefit from huge cost savings, but the lighting we achieved is also so much better,” says Indra Wijaya Wong, Product Manager for PT Golden Solution Indonesia. “Now, instead of a poorly lit area from the uneven beam spread of the 500W bulb lighting, the site has been transformed by the cool, pleasant, even illumination from the RAYLUX White-Light units.”

The RAYLUX wide angle illuminators chosen deliver a significantly improved optical output compared to the old lighting. For this reason, the PT Golden Solution Indonesia installation team has been able to reduce the number of lights at the site by half. Instead of twenty pole-mounted 500W lights, just ten RL200-AI-120 LED units have been installed – each one using a fraction of the power of the old lamps.

“Our energy-efficient White-Light technology is increasingly being chosen by customers with environmental concerns,” explains Steven Carrell, Raytec Sales Executive for South East Asia. “In this case the owners of the pool required a ‘green’ solution. With just ten 80W illuminators, we were able to meet this criteria perfectly and the reduction in power consumption will save around 22 tonnes of CO2 per year.”

“The RAYLUX units are IP66 rated, are capable of withstanding high temperatures and humidity, and require zero maintenance,” adds Steven Carrell. “Raytec illuminators also provide a 5 year warranty for the user and deliver a typical product life of at least 10 years.”

Challenges at the pool include hot and sometimes very humid conditions, and the Raytec products were chosen because of their proven track record of fault-free operation everywhere from the Arctic Circle to the tropics. With the great success of the RAYLUX White-Light installation, the smart new lighting is now part of a wider renovation project at the complex.

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