IndigoVision unveils Enhanced HD camera range

IndigoVision HD security cameraIndigoVision have announced the launch of their new Enhanced High Definition (HD) cameras, featuring the latest camera sensor and processor technology to deliver HD video and advanced camera intelligence.

Discussing the challenges presented by HD security cameras, John Semple, IndigoVision head of product management, said:“As camera resolution increases from Standard Definition to HD, more network data is transmitted from the camera, making video distribution difficult, particularly over wide area networks or wireless infrastructure. There is also a significant increase in data which raises storage costs”.

“Many IP video security systems use weaker camera sensors and processor hardware, resulting in signal noise, poorer video quality, huge bandwidth requirement and less intelligence in the camera.” he added. “To overcome the resulting video network distribution issues these systems compromise by reducing framerate or accepting poorer quality video. Security managers don’t see this until the cameras have been installed, and then question the benefit of HD video.”

“When designing the IndigoVision Enhanced HD camera range, our engineers set out to develop HD security cameras that would not compromise live and recorded video quality, irrespective of distance from the camera location. Now IndigoVision delivers to the security industry Enhanced HD cameras that deliver what the market has long been seeking.”

IndigoVision’s Enhanced HD cameras feature the latest 1/2.7“camera sensor technology providing amazing HD picture detail and clarity. Combined with dual pixel Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and a Mechanical IR cut filter, high image quality is still delivered even under challenging lighting conditions. IndigoVision’s unique dual processor technology has been upgraded with the latest Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and ARM processors, this means stunning HD video quality at dramatically lower network bandwidth, resulting in reduced video storage costs and HD video that is easier to distribute over networks.

IndigoVision’s dual processor technology also delivers intelligence unparalleled in the IP video security industry. Superior camera features include; advanced Analytics such as Virtual Tripwire and Counterflow Detection, robust security through a Linux firewall and no requirement for a central management server, thanks to IndigoVision’s Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) solution design. By using an FPGA processor, the Enhanced HD camera range features can be further improved with firmware upgrades, future-proofing camera investment. This design approach has resulted with IndigoVision’s cameras being deployed for demanding projects such as five Olympic Games and multiple G8 Summits.

“By taking the latest sensor and processor technologies IndigoVision has delivered a camera range that is unrivalled in the IP video security market” said Semple. “Using IndigoVision’s unique dual processor technology, the Enhanced HD cameras makes video extremely straightforward to transmit to more operators, located anywhere, with significantly lower storage costs than any other security cameras.”

“All of these benefits are delivered at an incredible price, making IndigoVision‘s Enhanced HD camera range the right choice for security professionals deploying 10 to 100,000 cameras in their system.”

To see the Enhanced HD cameras in action, go to to watch a live feed of the world famous Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, performed throughout August.



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