IndigoVision provides CCTV system for Shanghai Diamond Exchange

Shanghai Diamond Exchange
Shanghai Diamond Exchange

Shanghai Diamond Exchange

Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE), the only diamond exchange in China, has installed a state-of-the-art IndigoVision CCTV system to provide assurance of legal and fair transactions.

SDE worked with IndigoVision partner, Shanghai Tuijin Electronics Co Ltd, to identify the ideal monitoring solution for its premises. IndigoVision was chosen because of its full frame rate guarantee, which ensures that nothing is missed. The stability of the system was also a vital factor, due to diamond trading rules on continuous camera coverage of transactions.

Mr Wang, Security Department of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange says: “Diamond trading rules demand the highest possible level of monitoring and recording facilities. Thanks to the state-of-the-art IndigoVision technology we can be sure that every transaction or incident is covered, at all times.”

SDE were particularly impressed by the mapping features, hotspot layout and Hidden Zone capabilities built into IndigoVision’s video management software, Control Center.

IndigoVision’s mapping makes it easy to locate cameras and identify alarms, and the user can simply ‘drag and drop’ video from the map to a viewing pane. Hotspots allow the most important video to be viewed in a large pane, with related cameras viewed in smaller panes on the same screen.

The Hidden Zone feature blocks out areas of video to avoid viewing data or images that are irrelevant or intrusive, such as residential windows or computer screens with sensitive data. However, unlike Privacy Zones from analogue systems or other IP Video vendors, IndigoVision’s solution provides these Zones without permanently losing the video. Authorised personnel can view the whole scene if necessary, including these hidden areas and the full scene is recorded for evidential purposes.

Four Control Center workstations, based in the fire alarm control room and exchange management department, monitor 328 Fixed and 4 PTZ cameras. The analogue cameras are connected to the network using 332 IndigoVision video encoders. In addition to viewing using Control Center on PC monitors the cameras can all also be viewed on traditional monitors using 50 IndigoVision receiver units.

Recording of data is managed by an integrated third party product controlled by IndigoVision’s NVR software.

Founded in October 2000, the Shanghai Diamond Exchange is the only venue in China authorised by the State Council to handle diamond imports and exports and to conduct trade. The SDE office covers a total floor area of 49,000 square metres.


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