IndigoVision increases intelligence in Control Center 4.8

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IndigoVision has launched a new version of its Control Center 4.8 management software, which utilises a new user interface and additional intelligence.

Included as part of SMS4, IndigoVision’s Security Management Software suite, this latest release uses a revolutionary new user interface design, making it easier for operators to visualise alarms in real time and to view cameras through target based maps. Additional intelligence has been introduced to Control Center 4.8 giving operators an easy way of accessing cameras on a map rather than having to memorise camera locations.

“When the first release of Control Center was launched in 2002, IndigoVision revolutionised the security industry with software that was highly scalable and easy to use.” said Alex Swanson, IndigoVision Head of Engineering.

“With last year’s release of Control Center 4.7, we increased the scalability even further to allow for systems over 100,000 cameras. One of the issues with many video management systems covering large scale systems, is that operators find it incredibly difficult to know where cameras are located. Even their map functionality is difficult to navigate. IndigoVision’s Control Center 4.8, now makes it incredibly easy for operators to gain situational awareness of video and alarms irrespective of where those cameras or alarm inputs are located.”

“By making it easier for operators, Control Center 4.8 significantly reduces the time needed for effective staff training and can quicken operator’s response time through Control Center’s greater software efficiency and intelligence.”

Control Center was the first truly scalable management solution and is part of IndigoVision’s SMS4 suite. Transforming the security industry through its innovative client licence free pricing structure, superb scalability and market leading functionality, IndigoVision’s Control Center has been installed tens of thousands of times to manage several hundred thousand cameras in over 80 countries.

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