IndigoVision delivers key integration with Southwest Microwave

Part of Transport and Petrochemical market development strategy

Southwest-Microwave-Integration-PR (2)A result of its strategic focus on key markets, IndigoVision has launched the Southwest Microwave Integration Module delivering a video security solution like no other for the Transport and Petrochemical markets. Enabling seamless communication between IndigoVision’s Control Center management software and Southwest Microwave’s INTREPID perimeter detection system, it is now easier than ever for highly intelligent remote site monitoring to be completely integrated with alarm and video management.

“This launch is a result of IndigoVision’s focus on developing the best IP video security solutions for key markets.” stated Marcus Kneen, IndigoVision Chief Executive Officer. “We have been working closely with customers and design consultants in the Transport and Petrochemical markets, understanding the challenges and developing security solutions that go beyond expectations.”

Marcus continued, “Challenges faced by the Transport and Petrochemical markets include separate alarm and video management applications, which slows operator response time. Poor quality video from remote sites over limited network bandwidth infrastructure makes it difficult for operators to identify and respond to incidents. “

“Security managers in these sectors are hugely disappointed when told the only answer is spending vast amounts on upgrading network infrastructure.” concluded Marcus.

John Semple, IndigoVision Head of Product Management, stated “With IndigoVision’s solution, monitoring remote locations becomes easier and more cost effective than ever before.  With IndigoVision’s IP encoder hardware, existing security cameras can be upgraded to transmit amazing quality video over incredibly low bandwidth. Perimeter detection is now completely integrated with astoundingly high quality video, which can be easily managed from locations thousands of miles away – even over satellite. Operator response time is faster with improved, live and recorded video.”

John concluded, “The Transport and Petrochemical sectors demand a powerful, yet cost effective, multi-site security monitoring solution. Combining Southwest Microwave’s INTREPID perimeter detection hardware and IndigoVision’s Complete IP Video Security Solution gives unequalled video and perimeter detection management.”

IndigoVision have been developing hardware and software solutions for the IP video security industry since 1994 and have been deployed in over 70 Airports and Rail networks and 60 Oil and Gas facilities worldwide. Recent IndigoVision project wins include; a top-tier UK airport, a major Canadian rail network and multiple sites at a leading Australian gas producer.

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