IndigoVision boosts its 11000 HD cameras with new IP fixed domes

11000 Fixed Dome
11000 Fixed Dome

11000 Fixed Dome

IndigoVision, a leading manufacturer of IP Video Security Solutions, boosts its top end 11000 range of High Definition cameras with the launch of new IP fixed domes this week.

High Definition cameras are ideal in situations where the clarity of images captured is vital. In casinos, for example, it is essential that every detail of action on the gaming tables can be seen at all times. Crystal-sharp images, even in zoomed images, allow management to investigate customer complaints and to identify and prosecute incidents of fraud and cheating.

The 11000 Fixed Dome provides great image quality under any lighting condition and boasts full duplex, synchronised audio. The camera will be offered in three versions – Internal, Vandal Resistant and Environmental Vandal Resistant (capable of operating at extreme temperatures), each available with standard or telephoto lenses.

Alex Swanson, IndigoVision Head of Engineering, commented: “We are pleased to complete our 11000 HD range with this high quality product – it will enable our clients to design their networks with the highest possible image quality in all areas.”

Designed to be used with SMS4TM, IndigoVision’s complete Security Management Solution, the full 11000 HD range now includes Fixed Domes, PTZ and Fixed Cameras.

Each 11000 HD camera provides unrivalled dual pixel Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) performance. WDR is useful in all lighting conditions and is particularly effective where activity takes place against strong back light. Class leading H.264 compression technology provides outstanding video quality with astonishingly low bandwidths. This allows the cameras to be used in locations where high bandwidth communication is not available and reduces the storage capacity needed for recording video. Dual video and audio encoding offers still more flexibility to configure the solution to suit the network.

IndigoVision also offers a Full Frame Rate guarantee on all the 11000 cameras, assuring customers that it will never drop a frame. This gives customers confidence that no evidence or coverage of an incident will be missed. All cameras in the range work clearly day and night, with an automatic mechanical infrared filter.

The 11000 HD cameras have been designed to work seamlessly with SMS4TM. SMS4TM’s open and integrated design allows the widest possible choice of hardware. Its unique distributed architecture has no single point of failure and allows any component to be located at any point on the network. Deployment of an IndigoVision IP based video system is also made easy by built-in Power-over-Ethernet support on all fixed cameras, allowing them to be powered directly from the network


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