IndigoVision announces its latest access control Integration Module



IndigoVision has launched its 10th integration module enabling Paxton access control systems to be fully integrated into Control Center, IndigoVision’s IP security management software solution.

“This is a significant milestone.” said John Semple, IndigoVision’s Head of Product Management, “Releasing the 10th access control integration module, integrating the Paxton system into the IndigoVision solution, shows how IndigoVision leads the security industry as the open platform of choice.”

Semple continued: “The industry is now demanding completely integrated security solutions. Individual security components, such as analytics, license plate recognition, access control, alarm systems and perimeter detection need to be integrated with video security to provide an easy to manage, fully integrated IP security solution. Our customers tell us that an integrated solution dramatically increases efficiency with alarm management enabling quicker incident response.”

IndigoVision’s Integration Modules include systems from multiple manufacturers, including Lenel, Software House, Honeywell and GE. Other external systems such as license plate recognition and advanced analytics can also be integrated into the IndigoVision solution. The IndigoVision Integration Modules allow a seamless flow of events between the external security system and the IndigoVision solution. These events can trigger a wide range of actions in the IndigoVision solution, including starting recordings, displaying live video, moving PTZ cameras or sending notification emails. In addition, events and video can be effortlessly managed in a single, unified user interface, IndigoVision’s Control Center.

In addition to this IndigoVision Paxton Integration Module, significant enhancements have been made to the IndigoVision Gallagher and IndigoVision MASC Integration Modules.


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