Incident Desk adds on-duty management with EasyRoster integration

downloadThe universal activity and incident management solution, Incident Desk, enables the user to create an unlimited number of customer sites, incident categories and assets; the ability to attach documents, photos and video footage; as well as an option to tag incidents with GPS coordinates and manage incidents with the Incident Desk smart phone app.

Incident Desk is well-known for its flexibility, versatility and ease of use and is used by SME’s and corporates alike for security, guard, maintenance and asset management. To further compliment the current functionality, Incident Desk has now added a mass On-Duty logging module with EasyRoster integration.

Says Tiaan Janse van Rensburg, director of Solution House Software: “We noticed that Incident Desk was used extensively for guard on-duty management. To such an extent that a large portion of incidents logged on the system was time and attendance related. We had numerous requests for a better industry solution to manage both the large number of guards that our customers have and the reality that guards are moved from one site to the next as and when needed due to absenteeism, leave or illness.”

The ad-hoc movement of guards between sites causes disparities between the shift roster and the actual time and attendance of guards which in turn result in pay queries, disputes and extensive administrative work loads.

The Incident Desk On-Duty management module uses an innovative approach to filter guards that are normally allocated to a site. It also allows users (usually the control room operators) the flexibility to easily search and add additional guards to a shift when they have been dispatched to the site due to guard absenteeism.

Many security companies do not want to make wholesale changes to their environment due to the impact on personnel and related cost. As EasyRoster is the de facto standard for shift rostering in the South African security industry, Incident Desk included a shift export function to EasyRoster . Shift time and attendance can now be completed on a daily basis instead of the usual month-end rush, checked and can easily be imported to EasyRoster.

“We found that the mass On-Duty module reduces the workload for guard time and attendance management, and verification of actuals against the roster by as much as 50%” says Janse van Rensburg. “This, in combination with Incident Desk’s market leading flexibility, smart phone app and GPS mapping of incidents will add immense value to security companies and lead to a reduction in costs for all our customers”.

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