Improved roof, wall and fence detection from UTC Fire & Security

UTC fence protection technologyUTC Fire & Security has released an improved range of roof and wall protection solutions, with enhanced microphonic cabling and processors, for indoor and outdoor use.

The FlexiPI (DF450) is a microphonic sensor cable solution designed for indoor use that provides high level protection for all unsupervised buildings.

By detecting all attempts to break through or attack the building’s fabric the FlexiPI (DF450) offers a very cost effective method of reliable and rapid alarm triggering. Easy to install, requiring no regular maintenance and not prone to false alarms, the system is suitable for sites such as warehouses, bank vaults, critical storage facilities and commercial premises where other detection technologies may not work well.

“The improved microphonic cable provides more uniform sensitivity for reliable detection across the whole protected area,” said Leslie Nortje, Technical Manager. “Performance has also been improved with the inclusion of more calibration options for fine-tuning.”

For outdoor applications, the FlexPS (DF951) is a strain-sensitive, fence-mounted intrusion detection system. FlexPS sensor cables are designed to be installed on a wide range fence types and provide enhanced security by detecting vibrations caused by climbing, cutting, lifting or disturbing the fence fabric.

Each FlexPS processor can monitor the activity from one or two sensor zones, and will report the alarm and supervision status of each zone.

The system is easy to install, with new Windows-based Universal Configuration Module (UCM) software that speeds configuration and troubleshooting.

Another key advantage is the fact that FlexPS network option allows remote sensitivity setting and alarm collection, via the Network Manager Software and Network Manager Unit.

A complete range of accessories is available for easier and quicker installation and the company provides full training and support in the UK.

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