Important announcement relating to the Security of Recording Devices

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Important announcement relating to the Security of Recording Devices

In April 2016, Videcon Ltd launched an important Security feature on all of their Concept Pro Recording Range. They implemented the use of Secure European Servers for all of their customers using P2P configuration to ensure that all data is safe & secure.

Since April 2016 Concept Pro Network Video and the Analogue High Definition recorders have been using Secure European Based Servers to ensure that all customer data is protected. Concerns that third parties could gain access to the connection details of any machine and view images remotely was raised by a number of their customers working with government bodies, private business and individuals. Videcon took these comments on board and view this measure as an absolute necessity and one that allows their customers to have the peace of mind that their installations were secure.

Videcon are continually investing in the security of the devices and will be announcing even more enhancements over the coming weeks demonstrating their position as a market leader.

P2P networking makes it simple for installers to configure mobile viewing of the Concept Pro Recorders on smartphones and tablets. Installers simply activate mobile viewing by scanning the QR code on the unit into the Concept Pro app (available for Android and iOS devices free of charge) connecting through the server straight to the NVR.

Benefits of using Secure European Servers & P2P include:

• Peace of mind - All data is secure
• Quick & easy set-up
• Simple one touch access
• Standard feature on the AHD & HD-IP Concept Pro Recording Range

In addition Videcon introduced Smart Storage Compression (SSC) to the Concept Pro VHDIP Professional recorder range maximising the onboard storage capacity.

Smart Storage Compression (SSC)

SSC offers enhancement in record times on the NVRs, by improving control of streaming rates from the camera directly from the NVR itself. Real time images are analysed and bandwidth and video quality are adjusted dependent on the activity in the scene. This allows users of a VHDIP system to achieve 30 days of constant 1080p video recording when set at 6FPS using a 15TB 16 channel system.

Benefits of SSC include:

• Insurance requirements - Business Insurance requires minimum of 30 days recording
• Retail transactional fraud can take up to 30 days to be identified
• Decreased costs - Less HDD space required

Ian Farr, Technical Director of Videcon Ltd, said:

“The industry has known for some time about the vulnerability of customers data when using P2P networks and it seemed only natural for my team to find a solution that ensured confidentiality. This is just the first component of our Sequrinet programme which will deliver a complete security solution for all of our users.

SSC (Smart Store Compression) is another unique feature of the VHDIP unit, offering unbeaten recording times, without the need to purchase additional storage devices, by compressing only the data that we need we can guarantee 30 or 60 days recording on our Network Video Recorders.”

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