Image Scan announces £1m in orders since April

Image-Scan-logoThe Board of Image Scan, specialists in the field of real-time 3D and 2D x-ray imaging for the security and industrial inspection markets, have announced contract wins totalling over £1,000,000 since 1 April 2013, which include a significant repeat export order for the supply of security equipment.

Key Points:

· Contracts totalling over £1m secured since 1 April 2013
· £2.3m of cumulative orders in current financial year
· Sale of two SVXi mobile security x-ray screening systems
· Further sale of an AXIS-3D conveyor system into Africa
· Continued focus on cash management and on-going sustainability

Following on from the Company’s announcement on 27 February, the Board is pleased to report on £2.3m of cumulative orders secured in the current financial year, having started the year with an order book of approximately £0.4m and booked a further £1.9m of new orders in the year to date with security sales comprising over 75 per cent.

Capitalising on Image Scan’s investment into product development in 2012, the Company has been able to secure a repeat order for two SVXi small vehicle x-ray inspection systems. These highly mobile units are for deployment with customs and border control agencies and security forces to counter on-going criminal and terrorist threats. Given the lead time in manufacturing these systems, it is anticipated that they might be part-delivered within the current financial year.

In addition to the sale of the three AXIS-64 conveyor systems into the Middle East announced in April the Company has more recently sold a further AXIS-64 and one of its AXIS-3D systems into Africa where the enhanced image quality and processing functions for rapid and accurate interpretation of images remains essential.

Image Scan’s full product range can be downloaded at the Company’s website:

Chief Executive Louise George said: “Having invested heavily in development to extend Image Scan’s product portfolio in 2012, we are delighted to see the benefit in terms of repeat sales in the current year and the strong performance across the security product range. The Board recognises the tough economic conditions that still prevail and, through significant contract wins such as this one, remains focused on long term corporate sustainability.”

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