Image Resolution Calculator App’ now available from Theia

Theia Lens calculater app
Theia Lens calculater app

Theia Lens calculater app

Theia Technologies’ Image Resolution Calculator App’ is a tool for iPhone and Android smartphones that allows users to input video surveillance parameters and provides the corresponding image resolution from the convenience of a mobile device on location.  Users input the camera resolution, sensor size, lens choice and one of 3 variables – camera distance, resolution, or field of view needed.  The tool calculates image resolution and returns a representative image at that resolution to help the user understand what level of detail can be seen using his combination of variables.

Theia’s calculator app’ enables video surveillance integrators and systems designers to quickly and conveniently understand whether a combination of video surveillance imaging equipment meets the resolution and area coverage requirements of an application.  The app’,  like Theia’s web-based version, is unique in that it provides a dynamic image that allows the user to zoom in and pan around the image for an even better understanding what is to be expected from the user inputs.  It gives a designer a good indication of whether their proposed choice of equipment will work prior to installation and testing, helping to avoid product specification mistakes and costly system rework.  Theia has applied for a patent for the calculator and its unique functionality.

As the industry moves to higher resolution cameras and lenses and many users are still unfamiliar with what can be seen in a megapixel camera image, the tool helps align what are in some cases erroneous expectations, to more realistic expectations of image quality in today’s higher resolution application environments.

Theia offers the app for $4.99 on the Android marketplace; the iPhone version will be available by April 1, 2011.

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