IGEL rises to third-largest thin client security provider in the U.S.

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IGEL has been recognised as one of the security industry’s fastest growing thin client providers in the U.S.

IGEL, a world leader in security-led endpoint management software, has revealed that it has risen, in terms of market share, to the third-largest thin client provider in the U.S., according to the IDC Quarterly Enterprise Client Device Tracker 2017.

Data from the IDC Quarterly Enterprise Client Device Tracker 2017 was included in the recent IDC Topline report, “Thin Clients as Attractive Solutions for Cost-Effective, Secure Endpoint Management,” which was sponsored by IGEL. The report, authored by IDC Research Analyst Michael Ceroici and released this week, outlines the opportunities and challenges for players in the thin client industry, pointing to the continued opportunity for “IGEL to grab market share through new service releases.”

“At IGEL we have doubled down on our innovative software; first to repurpose x86 devices, saving our customers millions, and second to offer a simple, smart and secure management platform for end user computing that today’s organisations require,” said Jed Ayres, President and CEO, IGEL North America. “This emphasis has driven remarkable growth for IGEL worldwide, with especially significant momentum in the U.S. The new IDC report shows that our focus has delivered extraordinary success and that the opportunities ahead for IGEL are exceptional.”

The IDC Topline report provides a comprehensive overview of the thin client market, including how security and regulatory requirements are driving growth for the industry in healthcare, retail, education and financial services sectors. IDC also identifies a number of reasons for stronger thin client market performance in 2017, including increasing security concerns, the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and growing mobile workforces. To support customers facing these challenges, the IDC Topline report also provides essential guidance including the key factors organisations looking to adopt thin client solutions should consider.

The full IDC Topline report is available for download on IGEL.

IGEL will be showcasing its thin client and endpoint management software solutions during Citrix Synergy 2018 this week. Attendees of the event qualify for IGEL’s 2018 “IT Baller” giveaway of $120,000 as the company helps IT pros become IT Ballers by demonstrating how they can improve operations, save money and increase security when they leverage IGEL’s innovative, software-defined endpoint computing solutions.

Up to December 19, there will be six opportunities to win $20,000. The first IT Baller giveaway winner will be selected on Thursday, May 10 at Citrix Synergy 2018.

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