IFSEC first timers provide the breakthrough of the year

SL mainSecure Logiq were among the first time exhibitors at this year’s IFSEC exhibition, making it ideally positioned to offer a fresh perspective on just what IFSEC can do for a growing company. Secure Logiq used IFSEC 2014 to launch its range of HD Surveillance appliances into the IP CCTV arena – providing ‘the missing piece of the HD surveillance jigsaw’.

Secure Logiq’s ethos centres on four core principles: to provide the fastest performance, the biggest storage, the most resilience and the best value in HD processing and storage technology. Hamish Johnson, Managing Director Secure Logiq, told SecurityNewsDesk why IFSEC was a great platform to deliver their message to the market and to build new relationships.

“IFSEC was certainly an eye-opener for us and we are all very excited about the unbelievable response we have had. One surprise was how much interest we have had with regards to potential OEM opportunities, not only from within the security industry, but from the IT industry as well. As surprising and exciting as this is for us, what has left me truly humbled is the amount of people who have offered to help us. People genuinely want to see us succeed, and I cannot thank our new friends enough for their encouragement and support.

“We are currently in the process of increasing production to have the capability to produce a large volume of servers in 2015 to meet demand. We are doing this in typical Secure Logiq fashion by developing a unique auto-configuration/QC/soak testing utility, which will not only allow us to automate the most time consuming and labour intensive part of production, but also provide a level of quality assurance and customisation to our customer’s needs that our competitors cannot. This was a key feature of our IFSEC stand and aroused a huge amount of interest amongst the technical visitors, many of whom commented that they had finally found the technological breakthrough of IFSEC 2014.

We experienced a large number of quality international leads, and we have plans to increase international presence with sales, production and support facilities opening up in key locations around the globe in 2015. This will mean that our international customers can receive the same high level of service that our customers in the UK currently enjoy.

All in all IFSEC was a great experience and all of us here at the Secure Logiq family are highly motivated to be the best we can be at what we do. UK manufacturing is seeing a resurgence at the moment and we are proud to be a part of that. We have a lot of un-released technology waiting in the wings, and I think it would be fair to say that everyone can expect a lot more surprises from us in the future.”

Robin Hughes, Sales Director summed up Secure Logiq’s experience, saying, “We found ourselves in a unique position at IFSEC with a product range that no-one else had at the show, which created a buzz around the stand that exceeded our wildest expectations. This confirms we are in the right place at the right time – with the right product.”


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