Ievo’s biometric readers secure Scottish National Arena

Scottish National Arena
Scottish National Arena

Scottish National Arena under construction

Under the representation of Stag Security, Ievo Ltd has been chosen as the biometric supplier to the Scottish National Arena, which will host the Commonwealth Games. The £112 million project with Bovis Lend Lease will be at the hub of public events, concerts, conferences and as aforementioned the commonwealth Games’ Gymnastics and Netball in the future.

The Ievo fingerprint readers’ main job is to protect the site parameters as well as to record time and attendance of the construction workers. Unlike most fingerprint access control systems on the market today that would not function on a construction site, Ievo has the technology necessary to combat this. This is because the Ievo reader uses a multi-spectral imaging sensor that penetrates through some types of gloves, oils, dirt and grease on hands. The robust reader has an IP rating of 65 which allows the reader to function amidst environmental conditions; heavy rain, extreme sunlight and freezing temperatures. Therefore, throughout the seasonal calendar, Ievo’s biometric readers are fully functional.

Using fingerprint access control for time and attendance is perfect, especially with hundreds of construction workers it’s easy to wrongly swipe colleagues in and out which can lead to inaccuracies in payment and leave of absence. The national sales manager at Stag Security retains that “on the Scottish National Arena construction site we had no problems with the whole Ievo system in general. It worked extremely well in terms of time and attendance in fact we just installed additional turnstiles which worked very well for us on site”

About Ievo
Leveraging over a decade of biometric experience, Ievo develops biometric solutions for the access control market. Their background has driven them to consider all aspects of biometric installation in the design of their products, from the specification process and installation all the way through to the end user experience. The newest offering delivers a minimalist, reliable and fit-for-purpose solution that allows seamless integration and works alongside currently installed systems using card/fob/PINs, as opposed to looking to replace whole systems. Ievo ensures that the best sensor is used and all other components are of the highest quality possible, including the world’s leading algorithm. Coupled with its low cost, the Ievo solution takes biometrics into new markets that have previously withdrawn from or have not been suitable for biometrics due to the low quality of traditional products. Located in the United Kingdom, Ievo readers are currently available direct to trade customers in the UK and globally.

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Marketing Manager
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