Ievo launches new micro biometric reader

ievo's new micro biometric reader
ievo's new micro biometric reader

ievo's new micro biometric reader

ievo™ has strived to maintain their brand mantra of creating unmatched biometric products by adding another reputable fingerprint reader to their security range.  The new ievo micro™ boasts many of the original ultimate™ features including the credible multi-spectral imaging sensor, seamless integration and 8,000 unique fingerprint capacity.

Having successfully launched the original ievo ultimate™ reader just two years ago, ievo™ were keen to produce another biometric solution based on an abundance of responses from current installers of the original reader. From this feedback, the idea of an internal only fingerprint reader came to the fore which would provide extra variety for installers pursuing projects that required a cost effective, yet reliable and practical security solution similar to the ultimate™ product.

By developing this idea further other features that were developed include spoof detection, where the reader is able to differentiate between live human fingerprints as opposed to synthetic man-made prints. Micro™ also retains its functionality even with types of creams and powders on the skin as well as with the user wearing some types of latex gloves. Alternate options for mounting, include mullion which will provide the user with extra choice on how to display their security system without it looking too out of place within the surroundings. Finally, ievo™ have maintained the advantageous feature of seamless integration into existing card, fob and proximity systems causing very little disruption during the installation process.

Managing Director of ievo™ Shaun Oakes comments that, “Our new internal only fingerprint reader has solely been created to add variety to our unrivalled biometric range, yet maintain quality and reliability that many access control products lack within the security industry. Having provisionally launched micro™ to our existing customers we received quotes for projects including cash offices, server rooms, office blocks even people’s homes who would like additional security within. This shows that even though micro™ is half the size it is still as feature rich as the ultimate™ reader and clearly has a market of its own out there.”

Simon Farmer from ACC Security Solutions has had an exclusive demonstration of the micro™ reader and stated that, “It’s small, light and attractive, yet has many of the same features as the ultimate™. I will be recommending micro™ to my clients as a dependable and reliable internal only security solution.”

Ievo micro™ is now available to quote for projects. For pricing and technical information, contact the Ievo sales and technical team on 0845 643 6632

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