ievo™ launches new spoof detection feature with its biometric reader

ievo biometric fingerprint reader
ievo biometric fingerprint reader

ievo biometric fingerprint reader

Recently securing a Police Port in the UK the ievo™ reader was subject to forensic investigation to render the biometric system fit for purpose. The forensic team at the Police Port constructed a false finger made from synthetic material and tested the reader to see if it could be duped by the non-live print. With the ievo™ spoof detection feature enabled, the man-made finger was rejected by the reader, therefore refusing the individual access. The feature is able to be ‘switched on’ due to the ievo™ world leading algorithm and functionality.

The ievo™ reader looks for specific traits such as the difference in the refractive index and the presence or absence of blood being shown by the fingerprint. From this, the ievo™ reader gives the fingerprint a unique score, which if above the set spoof detection level the individual will not be granted access.

Uniquely, the activation level can be set to certain thresholds which differ for each application. The ievo™ reader has so far secured an abundance of high security projects including embassies and national banks. This provides the business owner with peace of mind that the room or door secured is protected to the highest possible standard.

Shaun Oakes, Managing Director of ievo™ comments that, “The spoof detection feature was specifically designed so that we could accommodate projects like the Police Port. We look forward to catering for more projects that require additional security and the use of spoof detection.”

Leveraging over a decade of biometric experience, ievo develops biometric solutions for the access control market. Their background has driven them to consider all aspects of biometric installation in the design of their products, from the specification process and installation all the way through to the end user experience.

The newest offering delivers a minimalist, reliable and fit-for-purpose solution that allows seamless integration and works alongside currently installed systems using card/fob/PINs, as opposed to looking to replace whole systems. ievo™ ensures that the best sensor is used and all other components are of the highest quality possible, including a world leading algorithm. Meaning that the ievo™ reader functions amidst the harshest weather conditions and even with problem fingerprints. Coupled with its low cost, the ievo™ solution takes biometrics into new markets that have previously withdrawn from or have not been suitable for biometrics due to the low quality of traditional products.

Located in the United Kingdom, ievo™ readers are currently available direct to trade customers globally.


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