IDS provide scalable security solution for Amathus Drinks

IDS provide scalable security solution for Amathus Drinks

IDS provide scalable security solution for Amathus Drinks

Amathus, established in 1978, is a London based specialist drinks importer, distributor and retailer offering an array of drinks to the UK market. Amathus are a thriving business and in addition to their online shop, they have four retail stores located in the vibrant and trendy areas around London.

Setting the challenge

“The challenge here was to find a solution that could handle our security requirements for both our warehouse and retail facilities. We also wanted to be able to monitor the system ourselves 24/7, 365 days per year,” describes Robin Felsted, Amathus Drinks Stock Control Manager.

“The chosen system had to be fully integrated and purely IP based so we could use the existing cable infrastructure for minimal disruption. Being in the drinks industry we are particularly vulnerable to attacks so reliability and robustness were key factors in making the product decision, as was high resolution cameras to enable us to provide the best quality images to the police in the case of any incidents” continues Robin.

Why choose IDS
Daniel Sarieddine, Amathus Drinks Operations Manager explains “We selected an IDS solution as it offered a completely integrated result, incorporating CCTV plus access control and EPOS integration. This allows us to have our own monitoring control room, giving us maximum flexibility in how we monitor and use the system. Due to the integrated approach we are able to easily and cost effectively expand as we grow or if adapt if any changes are required.”

“IDS are leading experts in their specified products and with their IT and networking background combined with their in-house technical expertise and design skills, they were able to work closely with us to provide the most cost effective solution to meet our current needs with a view to expand in the future.”

A complete solution
Our solution consisted of CCTV, Access Control and EPOS integration and we now have a maintenance contract in place with Amathus, so that if any problems arise we can provide immediate support and get everything running again as quickly as possible.

“The beauty of the solution is the integration process of our product range, allowing us to amalgamate the camera software with the Access Control software to control the doors and identify individual access as well as general surveillance.”

“We used a combination of high resolution static and fisheye cameras for maximum coverage in the warehouse as well as monitoring the doors. We also set up the control room so that staff at Amathus can monitor their warehouse and retail premises.

“Furthermore we integrated Amathus’ EPOS system with our Text overlay software to allow direct comparison between recorded images and till transactions. This proves to be invaluable when trying to reducing business shrinkage. ” details George Kyriacou, IDS Technical Director.

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