IDIS and 360 Vision complete surveillance integration

IDIS and 360 Vision complete surveillance integration

IDIS and 360 Vision complete surveillance integration

IDIS and 360 Vision complete advanced integration of DirectIP and Predator HD cameras. IDIS DirectIP™ customers to benefit from Predator’s progressive technology delivering true colour images in zero light.

Suitable for a variety of applications, the Predator range of full-HD cameras feature up to 175m of infrared (IR) illumination and up to 150m of ultra-bright white LEDs to provide outstanding night time surveillance in both monochrome and true colour.

The new IDIS integration provides operators with advanced functionality directly from DirectIP NVRs allowing full PTZ, white light, IR, pre-sets and wash/wipe control among many other Predator features. Simple to install and operate, DirectIP NVRs provide a cost effective recording platform enabling full-HD live Predator streaming, easy retrieval and play back of time selected footage all captured in full-HD.

DirectIP from IDIS, is the company’s flagship offering ad continues to be a revolutionary approach to HD surveillance—one that is truly plug-and-play, single-source, and highly affordable. Customers can now combine 360 Vision Predators along with a DirectIP range of HD cameras, network video recorders (NVR), and monitors and benefit from DirectIP’s exceptional performance and a low cost of ownership.

Brian Song, Managing Director of IDIS Europe, commented:

“We’re are committed to an ambitious road map that will see IDIS products integrate with equipment and applications from world leading security manufacturers, such as 360 Vision Technology. The hugely successful Predator range of cameras proves 360 Vision’s longstanding technical expertise in the security market and we are delighted with the new partnership.”

Mark Rees, Business Development Director at 360 Vision Technology, added:

“DirectIP offers our customers a cost effective and simple to use recording platform, while matching the quality and high-performance of our Predator HD range as well as allowing them to mix and match from the complete DirectIP line up. Now a recognised global player in the surveillance market after launching across three continents, IDIS continues to drive innovation, demonstrate excellent local customer support and presents a true partnership approach. We look forward to building upon our relationship and meeting both the security and technology requirements demanded by our customers.”

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