Identicom mobile lone worker app now free to download


The updated Identicom mobile application from Connexion2 is now free to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for Android and iPhone users.

The Lone Worker application, which has been recently updated for 2013 to include a host of new features, retains it’s ‘Secured by Design’ award from ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) and its BS8484 accreditation when supplied as part of a SoloProtect solution by the company*.

Identicom mobile is designed for lone workers predominantly facing infrequent risk. This category of worker may view a dedicated lone worker device as unnecessary, but are highly likely to carry a smart-phone that has been issued by their employer. Typical users may include Team or Area Managers, Sales Representatives, Directors or Board members etc.

The free download of the app gives a user access to a basic version of Identicom Mobile allowing users to get a feel for its clear and intuitive user-interface, whist accessing an introduction to some of the safety features available. This includes allowing a user to create a profile and allow the sharing of safety updates with a nominated colleague, family-member or friend through the application’s automatic e-mail notification through the Check In / Check Out function. For example, as a user begins their working day, they confirm through the ‘Check In’ function – this sends the worker’s nominated recipient (or buddy) a notifying e-mail. The same thing happens as a worker confirms they are safe at the end of a working day by selecting ‘Check Out’.

Additional functionality, as part of a fee-paying subscription for the app (prices start at £10.95 per month) allows a user access to a range of BS8484 compliant features including:

  • 24 / 7 Alarm Receiving Centre Support should a user open a ‘Red Alert’ through the application
  • Link to Connexion2’s Mobile Workforce Management Platform – a web based tool to link one or more application users within a personal and secure, online lone worker community. Including tracking.
  • Share locations and points of interest within your community
  • Tagging items of risk and inform colleagues
  • Take pictures and share with colleagues
  • Set up a range of automatic reporting facilitated by location data communicated from the application to the management platform

The primary function of the application remains the ability for a lone worker to raise an alarm in the face of verbal abuse, attack or injury. The latest versions of Identicom mobile (Android and Apple versions) also have automatic ‘Man Down’ detection in the event of a user suffering a trip or fall. There is also a new ‘Privacy Mode’ available for a user to select whilst working in order to remain in control of their location data as appropriate.

Craig Swallow, managing director of Connexion2, said: “The updated Identicom mobile is now a multi-dimensional safety application for lone workers. When used effectively it helps to reduce the isolation felt by lone workers and keeps them linked into their employer’s community. We think it represents great value for a BS8484 approved application that offers a genuine alternative to dedicated devices where appropriate. The fact it is available as a free download allows people to see what the app can do without feeling they have to commit to something in the long term straight away.”

*The Apple version of Identicom mobile is not accredited to BS8484 due to limitations of the hardware’s operating system.

To download the latest versions of Identicom mobile please visit:





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