ICSS and ESSMA strengthen ties to enhance European stadium security

Photo: The Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany. Credit: Maximilian Dörrbecker/Wikimedia

Underlining its commitment to enhancing sport safety and security, the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) has announced that it will partner with the European Stadium and Safety Management Association (ESSMA) to play an active role at the ESSMA Summit 2015.

As part of its commitment to developing and enhancing sport safety and major event security, the ICSS and its team of international experts will join ESSMA, the European Club Association (ECA) and European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) and top sports venue managers and major event experts at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany on 27-28 January 2015.

The ESSMA Summit will include a range of workshops, panel discussions and keynote sessions that will provide an ideal platform to discuss the latest trends and emerging issues affecting top international stadiums and sport venues.

Sharing their insight and experience having secured some of the world’s largest major sport events and venues, Helmut Spahn (Director General, ICSS), Heinz Palme (Vice Director General, ICSS) and Malcolm Tarbitt (Executive Director – Safety and Security, ICSS) will give welcome notes, lead a number of technical workshops, as well as taking part in site visits to two stadiums at the SGL Arena Augsburg and Allianz Arena in Munich.

Helmut Spahn, Director General at the ICSS, said: “ESSMA are the recognised association in Europe for stadium, safety and venue managers and the strengthening of our relationship with them represents an important milestone for the ICSS.

“Both ESSMA and the ICSS share the same values and believe strongly about developing a more international approach to sharing expertise to enhance sport safety and major event security.

“The ESSMA Summit in 2015 is an important forum to bring together some of the world’s top venue managers, clubs and major event security experts. I am delighted that the ICSS will play a central role alongside ESSMA, the ECA and EPFL at the event, which will provide a vital platform for Europe’s leading stadium management experts to discuss challenges, identify trends and develop real solutions to safeguard sport.”

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