iCode integrates PanoCam360 with its iCatcher CCTV system

The view from iCatcher showing support for the PanoCam 360's multiple streams
The view from iCatcher showing support for the PanoCam 360's multiple streams

The view from iCatcher showing support for the PanoCam 360's multiple streams

iCode integrates 5 Megapixel PanoCam360 with their iCatcher Digital CCTV system for security, surveillance and remote monitoring applications

AMG-Panogenics, the British manufacturer of sophisticated 5 Megapixel cameras, has entered a strategic technology partnership with UK based iCode Systems Ltd.  iCode is a leading Consultancy & Software Development house specialised in bespoke customer systems. Under the new agreement iCode will integrate PanoCam360 into their flagship iCatcher solution – a market leading Digital CCTV application that allows companies to deploy industry standard hardware to create a comprehensive security solution.

Business Development Manager of iCode, Jon Tibbit, comments, “Although iCatcher Console already supports nearly 1,000 different IP camera models, we continue to add new models as new technologies are adopted. Recently we have noticed a developing trend as end users – mainly education and retail – make substantial saving in their CCTV budgets by switching to iCatcher and adopting 360 degree technology. We are very pleased with our new manufacturer partner alliance with AMG-Panogenics, and we now support their multiple streams within iCatcher. The PanoCam 360 can cover four different de-warped views by virtue of PTZ control, whilst simultaneously providing a bird’s eye view of the entire area. The combination of iCatcher and 360 degree cameras means many users can terminate overpriced CCTV software/support contracts and upgrade their CCTV systems within existing CCTV operating budgets.”

CTO of AMG-Panogenics, David Myers, says, “iCatcher is a fantastic technology platform for bringing the PanoCam360 to market. iCode is dedicated to supplying technologically advanced security solutions at a reasonable price and their focus on quality and customer service matches the ethos AMG-Panogenics works with. I have no doubt that iCode will find a number of interesting projects where PanoCam360 will add value and save costs and we’re looking forward to a successful relationship over the coming years.”


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