iCode integrates its iCatcher CCTV system with Paxton’s Net2 Access Control

iCode Z200

iCode Z200

iCode Systems Ltd, developer of the market leading iCatcher Console digital CCTV system, have announced the integration of Paxton Net2 Access Control, the UK’s leading access control system, into the iCatcher product suite.  The flexibility of Paxton Access, allowing it to be expanded as and when required, compliments the modular architecture of an iCatcher CCTV solution.

iCatcher CCTV brings a wealth of new functionality and advanced automation to Paxton Net2 installations, including iPhone/iPad, Android or PC based control of doors.  Cameras can be associated with Paxton devices, allowing the end user to quickly jump to footage specific to each card swipe or entrance.  Paxton installations can now interact with the powerful iCatcher action system, allowing alerts to be sent, lights to be switched on, or moving to a PTZ pre-set on any Net2 event.  Any PC on the LAN or WAN, running iCatcher Smart Client, can automatically popup camera feeds when the Paxton doorbell rings.

Business Development Manager Jon Tibbit of iCode comments, “Paxton Net2 Access control is a welcome addition to the iCatcher supported range of hardware.  Being able to open Paxton doors remotely from your iPhone, at the same time as viewing an associated CCTV camera, is a powerful solution.  iCatcher Smart client can also control any Net2 devices and using iCatcher’s iDomain functionality so, for example, a user at head office can control multiple remote iCatcher/Net2 installations from a single interface on a PC or iPhone.”


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