ICM XRAY launch their new website.

ICM XRAY launch their new website.

The wait is finally over! ICM XRAY launch their new website. After days, weeks…. months of hard work, ICM 2.0 is at last here!

In a will to always provide you, the people involved with ICM, with the most up to date and interesting content, tools and support, the team has designed and implemented a website that will become your go-to destination for all things x-ray!

This shiny new and ergonomic portal allows you to navigate through ICM’s Security expertise and become an expert yourself in no time.

By browsing through the platform, you have now access to all the details on the entire portfolio, including generators, scanners, and accessories, as well as updates on the Security field.

To better present the star products, the FLATSCAN technology, they have implemented an animated presentation that introduces you to all the advantages of these products in a quick scroll.

Finally, thanks to ICM’s support page, you will have access to After-Sales information and marketing materials you need in one place. Just request a login by following this link http://icmxray.com/support/ and they will grant you access to all the support materials you need.

In an effort to be available to you anywhere, at anytime, the ICM website is also optimised for mobile and tablet so that you can benefit form its features at all times.

Have a look at the new ICM flagship, www.icmxray.com, and tell the team what you think using the contact section or their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

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