Hydra multi-streaming NVR from Ernitec

Hydra is the new multi-streaming NVR from Ernitec, it combines class leading Ernitec EVR software with an embedded all-in-one box solution giving all the benefits of a plug & play NVR without the drawbacks. Un-like other units in class, our NVR has VMS software installed that you can actually use. Offering a host of features we all come to expect over the years.

Feel the power of multi-streaming. The Hydra can send 3 selectable streams. For instance FHD for recording, HD for local and remote clients while sending D1 stream to mobile devices. By sensibly dividing the streams between devices, we massively reduce the load on the hardware offering a world beating performance.

Hydra DB Series 

• Full Feature VMS
• Powerful Multi-Streaming
• Plug & Play
• Embedded Windows WES7 OS
• Expandable to 32 channels
• System Expansion to 150 Hydras
• Built in PSU
• Over 2100 Native Cameras Drivers
• EasyMon Client Application
• 3 year Warranty
• Part numbers
• HYDRA-DB5 – 0064-01905
• HYDRA-DB9 – 0064-01909
• HYDRA-DB17 – 0064-01917

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