H&T Pawnbrokers reduce electronics security risks with Blancco

H&T Pawnbrokers reduce electronics security risks with Blancco

H&T Pawnbrokers reduce electronics security risks with Blancco Technology Group

One of the UK’s oldest pawnbroking chains uses data erasure software to permanently erase data from used electronics sold in 187  retail stores.

Pawnbroking has historically been a traditional business with the core of its revenue coming from loans and cash advances. As digital devices and technology have become central to everything consumers do today, pawnbrokers have evolved their business model and the types of goods offered to include the sale of used electronics.

According to Apex Insight, the pawnbroking industry has shown considerable growth in recent years – reaching over 2,000 stores across the UK. However, a 2014 investigation led by UK’s Channel 4 – exposing two pawnbrokers who failed to wipe data before reselling smartphones – reiterated the potential of both financial and reputational damages that could arise in such instances.

To prevent similar data breaches for its own customers, H&T Group which trades as H&T Pawnbrokers, one of the largest pawnbroking chains in the UK, has joined forces with Blancco Technology Group to permanently erase data from all used laptops, smartphones and tablets sold in its 187 retail stores. Through the partnership, H&T Pawnbrokers will use a combination of the patented Blancco 5 solution, along with the Blancco 5 Mobile and Blancco Cloud solutions, to safeguard the privacy of its customers.

Mark Harrold, Commercial Manager of H&T Pawnbrokers, stated, “Our customers, and in particular, those using our buyback services look and buy very differently today than they once did – they’re younger (mid-thirties in age), more tech savvy and highly aware of and sensitive to privacy risks. To keep H&T Pawnbrokers’ 119-year-old reputation intact and serve our customers’ new set of needs, we knew that data erasure and mobile diagnostics software would be vital. Working with Blancco Technology Group allows us to prove our commitment to our customers and reassure our stakeholders as to the strength and growth of our business model moving forward.”

Additionally, H&T Pawnbrokers will tap into the added diagnostic features of the Blancco 5 Mobile Diagnostics solution in order to maximise the overall performance and resale value of its smartphone and tablet inventory. “When technology enables us to keep our customers’ mobile devices running optimally and prevent the leak of sensitive, confidential data; that translates to increased sales, customer loyalty and retention for our business,” said Robbie Fowle, Head of Marketing for H&T Pawnbrokers. “By delivering these added benefits, Blancco Technology Group has proven itself to be an invaluable business partner.”

“Just because something is second-hand doesn’t mean it has to be second-rate,” said Pat Clawson, CEO, Blancco Technology Group.

“By using our data erasure and diagnostics solutions, H&T Pawnbrokers is vowing to its customer base that the used electronics they take home will run smoothly, have longer lifecycles and won’t compromise their personal privacy. And it’s saying so with absolute certainty.”

Unlike other data erasure vendors, Blancco Technology Group is the only one who could provide a tamper-proof certificate verifying all data has been permanently removed, solidifying its readiness to comply with security regulations.

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