HRS announces a strategic partnership with Corps Security

Human Recognition Systems
Human Recognition Systems

Human Recognition Systems

Human Recognition Systems (HRS), the UK’s leading biometric solutions provider is pleased to officially announce its strategic partnership with Corps Security.

As one of the principle members of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), Corps Security has established a firm reputation for providing market leading monitoring capabilities.  With extensive expertise developed throughout its impressive 150 year history and a dedicated monitoring centre based in the UK, Corps Security proved to be the fitting partner capable of complimenting the full range of Human Recognition Systems’ products.

As innovators within their respective fields, HRS and Corps Security understand that their customers are looking for complete solutions beyond the traditional security system.  Through their unique joint offering HRS and Corps Security are able to fully integrate proven identity management platforms with the customers’ chosen alerting system.  This may range from mobile response guards to specific security hardware such as live remote CCTV surveillance and audio warnings.

On the announcement of the partnership HRS Chief Executive Neil Norman commented “We believe that through combining Human Recognition Systems’ wealth of biometric identity management capabilities with Corps Security’s monitoring expertise our clients will be provided with a truly tailor made security service.”

Eric Roberts, Corps Security’s CMC business development director said: “I’m delighted to be able to announce this new partnership with HRS.  It has all the ingredients of a mutually beneficial arrangement that highlights our ethos of providing state-of-the-art monitoring services to our continually growing customer base.’

The commitment made by HRS and Corps Security to work collaboratively on projects moving forward demonstrates the companies’ joint commitment to delivering full security solutions and marks the beginning of what is believed will be a long and successful partnership.


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