HOYOS Labs combats identity theft with mobile finger authentication

HOYOS labs combats identity theft with mobile finger authentication

HOYOS labs combats identity theft with mobile finger authentication – Mobile Based

HOYOS Labs unveils mobile-based four-finger authentication technology to combat identity theft and mass breaches: 4F ID collects set of fingerprints in seconds using only a smartphone

Despite the fact that single-finger identification systems have recently become available on smartphones, users have found that this technology does not always work reliably and can very easily be hacked, putting both enterprises and consumers at risk for having important transactions compromised.

In light of this, HOYOS Labs, the leading biometrics-based end-to-end authentication infrastructure company, today announced the unveiling of its proprietary four-finger authentication technology, 4F ID. 4F ID uses a smartphone’s rear camera and LED flash light, without any additional hardware, to capture a person’s four fingerprints in a matter of seconds, leading to much higher reliability and security for the user. As the phone’s camera allows the technology to have its own light source, 4F ID can work in any lighting condition.

“Our vision at HOYOS Labs is to enable standards and biometrics-based end-to-end authentication platforms to leverage the mobile device as the biometrics authentication tool. As the majority of people carry smartphones with them everywhere that they go, 4F ID is the next phase in smartphone fingerprint-based identity authentication, and our objective is to eradicate mass hack and identity theft stories for good,” said Hector Hoyos, founder and CEO at HOYOS Labs. “In addition, HOYOS Labs’ image processing algorithms that extract and match all prints allow for a very high level of security and error tolerance so that users and corporations can rest assured that private material will not be breached.”

A person can authenticate his or her identity using 4F ID on a smartphone by holding his or her hand behind the smartphone, allowing the camera’s flash to go off and read that person’s fingerprints. With that, the system automatically finds, acquires and identifies the person’s prints, proving the true identity.

While touch ID scanners verify a person’s identity based on a small fragment of a fingerprint, 4F ID uses a larger region on all four fingerprints and includes ridges on the fingers. Additionally, by scanning both hands, the system is accurate enough to biometrically distinguish one person from the very large world population datasets in identification mode and is compatible with legacy fingerprint databases like those that are held by law enforcement agencies because of its 500DPI/print characteristic.

In addition to 4F ID, HOYOS Labs has invented technology that enables every major biometric (face, iris, voice and fingerprint) to be captured with a smartphone and can be applied across a myriad of industries, including financial services, healthcare and telecommunications.

To download a prototype version of 4F ID for iOS and Android click here

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