How to boost CCTV sales by retrofitting high-definition analogue cameras

Bob Maunsell,

In this short article from Bob Maunsell at Security Marketing Guru, he and Todd Rockoff of the HDCCTV Alliance talk about how installers can potentially boost their CCTV sales by retrofitting NTSC/PAL analogue cameras with high-definition analogue cameras.

I have a really cool video for you to watch today. It’s of my friend, Todd Rockoff, and a killer seminar, he held at ISC West, on retrofitting analog CCTV systems with HD CCTV systems. Watch the video and you’ll see that an HD CCTV installation is very easy to do.

An easy way to create more revenue

It’s a great strategy to go back to your existing client base and upgrade their analog CCTV systems with HD. It’s always easier to go back to your existing client base, that know, like and trust you, to generate additional revenue for your security business.

Contact your clients and offer them an HD CCTV seminar, private demo, educational brochure/pamphlet or direct them to a special HD info page on your website. Also, make them an irresistible offer to upgrade their existing analog CCTV systems to HD.


The original article can be found here.

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  1. Jon Wilson on August 11, 2011 at 8:35 am

    Cool video indeed. Fancy technology is definitely an appealing factor to consumers when selling CCTVs. The same can be said with any kind of electronics, really.


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