Honeywell releases multiple enhancements to its WIN-PACK platform



Software Allows Organisations to More Easily Integrate with Digital Video Management Technology and Work with Full Range of Access Control Panels

Honeywell today released several enhancements to its widely used WIN-PAK® integrated security platform that gives users greater ability to integrate digital video into their security systems, as well as work with a wider range of access control panels. WIN-PAK now seamlessly supports Honeywell’s NetAXS-123, NetAXS-4 and NS2 access control panels to provide full compatibility for legacy and new systems. In addition to WIN-PAK supporting the Honeywell Fusion, HRDP and Rapid Eye™ hybrid digital video recorders,  it also offers a new interface that supports the Honeywell MAXPRO® NVR XE/SE network video recorders for easy access to stored and live video events and alarms.

More than 100,000 WIN-PAK systems have been installed around the world to protect small to medium commercial installations, medical sites, schools and government facilities. The WIN-PAK 3.0 platform is available in three editions:

•WIN-PAK® SE 3.0 Single User (Standard Edition) is the baseline software package for access control and standard video integration and is ideal for small-to-medium security applications. An add-on Galaxy® Dimension intrusion module can further enhance the security platform.

•WIN-PAK® SE 3.0 Five Users (Standard Edition) supports advanced access control including advanced video integration. An add-on Galaxy Dimension intrusion module can also further enhance the security platform.

•WIN-PAK® PE 3.0 (Professional Edition) combines all the features of SE plus an unrestricted number of client workstations; full support for multiple department/site applications; support for multiple communication servers; Galaxy Dimension intrusion and advanced video integration.

“One of WIN-PAK’s primary advantages over the years has been its ability to grow with businesses as their needs change, and these software enhancements are part of that long-term strategy,” said product manager René von Franquemont, Honeywell Security Group. “Organisations shouldn’t have to waste time working between different security systems. They need something that works right out of the box to optimise system performance and offers a single user interface for access control, video and intrusion. The latest version of WIN-PAK addresses both of those needs, which means now Honeywell offers a full range of access control systems for small-to-enterprise installations under one roof.”

WIN-PAK SE 3.0 and WIN-PAK PE 3.0 are commercially available in EMEA with English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Russian and Arabic user interfaces.


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