Honeywell launch over MI5

Honeywell Launch over Mi5

On the 29th Floor of the Millbank Tower by the River Thames in London, overlooking the top of the M15 building, Honeywell held a VIP launch of their new cloud services for Le Sucre and Domonial wireless security systems for homeowners.


Honeywell Cloud Services and Le Sucre offer homeowners a complete self-monitoring and remote service solution. Developed in response to homeowner needs, Le Sucre is a discreetly designed wireless security system that can be placed anywhere in the home. When installed with Honeywell Cloud Services, Le Sucre offers customers a quality self-monitoring security system with radio frequency (RF) technology and software also used for Domonial products.

Honeywell Cloud Services include the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0E Web application that features a user-friendly interface (UI) that enables homeowners to arm, disarm, or check the status of the security system easily from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, if the homeowner has one or more of Honeywell’s new CAMIR-F1 motion sensors, he/she can even set the sensor to record images and store them in the cloud.

One of the advantages of Le Sucre is that an Internet connection is not required to connect the security system to the cloud. Each installation is comprised of its own SIM Card, which can be enabled with many roaming service providers in countries all over Europe. Additionally, the SIM contract is free of charge for homeowners for two years.

Le Sucre also supports motion sensors, door/shock contacts, panic alarm buttons, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, as wells as mains failure, low battery and flood detection alerts. This provides homeowners great peace of mind, as they receive an email alert when an alarm is triggered and can access more details about a particular incident by connecting to the Total Connect 2.0E web app.

“We are proud to launch Le Sucre, our new security turnkey solution for the connected home,” said Tristan Poinsard, marketing product line manager at Honeywell Security Group. “This unique solution includes a SIM card with a two year connection service to remotely operate the system via a computer or a mobile device, providing flexibility to the homeowner.”

Honeywell Cloud Services also operates with the Honeywell Domonial wireless security system connected to a central monitoring station (CMS). Integrated with Total Connect 2.0E web app, homeowners can remotely control their security system from their smartphone, tablet or computer. Additionally, with the support of Honeywell’s new Smart plugs, customers can control their home lighting and heating systems while measuring their power consumption to ultimately save energy and costs.

The event, attended by many of Honeywells customers, gave a clear oversight of the new products and allowed a geographically diverse customer set to come together and enjoy a great dinner, drinks and entertainment with magic that didn’t necessarily reflect the outstanding products but a slight of hand that we all wish we had.

Questioned by Security News Desk about Honeywells approach to data protection and cyber security, their Sales and Marketing Director Dominique Gauthier confirmed that their servers were in Holland and outside the US precluding automatic US government access to the data and that Honeywell were taking cyber protection of their new capabilities very seriously and providing a series of measures to enhance protection.

In all a great event focused where it should be – at the customer.



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And the view of the top of the MI5 building………


It was dark ….

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