Honeywell expands range of HDZ PTZ Cameras

Honeywell expands range of HDZ PTZ Cameras

Honeywell expands range of HDZ PTZ Cameras

Ideal For Continuous Detailed Surveillance in the Most Challenging Environments, HDZ Series Provides Options for Any Situation and Budget

Honeywell today expanded its range of HDZ Series PTZ cameras designed to handle installations where continuous detailed surveillance at longer distances is essential.

Now available is an IP 22x optical zoom 1080p version along with an analogue version. The expanded HDZ Series is ideally suited for surveillance of cities, roads, airports, ports, government facilities, casinos, education campuses, stadia, critical infrastructure and industrial environments.

Honeywell HDZ Series cameras can monitor a variety of environments, locations and conditions. The expanded range with up to 1080p resolution, 360-degree continuous rotation function and optical zoom lenses provides sharp clarity at any depth of field. In addition, the HDZ Series of True Day/Night PTZ cameras come equipped with wide dynamic range ideal for environments with high contrast and changing light conditions.

Honeywell expands range of HDZ PTZ Cameras

The HDZ Series also offers peace of mind for users by ensuring performance in various environments. On-board storage in the IP units allows the cameras to capture continuous video despite a network crash, vital for facilities where downtime is not an option. The range offers physical durability with robust vandal resistant IK10 outdoor housing, providing continuous monitoring in areas prone to vandalism such as prisons and campuses. In addition, the expanded series also offers built-in electronic image stabilization (EIS). This technology can counteract a number of extreme weather conditions such as high wind or vibration that would ordinarily interfere with the surveillance operations of other cameras. The outdoor units are also housed in IP66-rated tamper resistant domes to protect the cameras from damage by dust or heavy rain.

“High quality continuous detailed video surveillance capabilities at the right price are key factors when making security purchasing decisions,” said Mark Openshaw, product manager EMEA at Honeywell Security Group. “Often, facilities that rely the most on advanced video surveillance – such as airports, schools, and critical infrastructure sites – struggle to access the latest technologies, whether due to budget constraints, existing cabling infrastructures or just wanting to remain with familiar systems and routines. The cost-effective HDZ PTZ cameras including analogue options are a good answer.”

The addition of the IP 22x optical zoom 1080p HD (high definition) camera to the Honeywell HDZ Series complements the existing IP 30x optical zoom1080p HD (high definition) and the IP 720x576 SD (D1 - standard definition) PTZ cameras. Together with the analogue HDZ, companies now have the flexibility to view a target area with the width and depth required to capture every detail and enhance security surveillance.

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