Honeywell announces the WIN-PAK XE access control software

Honeywell WIN-PAK XE software
Honeywell WIN-PAK XE software

Honeywell WIN-PAK XE software

WIN-PAK® XE Provides Small and Medium Businesses with an Affordable Access Control Solution that can Expand to Meet Changing Needs

Honeywell  today announced WIN-PAK® XE (Xpress Edition) access control software, the latest addition to its WIN-PAK access control software family and suitable for businesses that require access control functionality only through a single workstation system. Designed to evolve to meet changing business needs, WIN-PAK XE provides a cost-effective solution that can be easily expanded into a more comprehensive integrated Honeywell security solution. Integrators also benefit from a single software solution for all of their customers’ security needs.

WIN-PAK XE optimises system performance and total cost of ownership by supporting multiple Honeywell access control hardware and reader technologies from a single user interface. The system provides virtually no limitations for entry level systems, supporting up to 30,000 doors and an unlimited number of cards without additional license fees. And the system is easy and quick to install thanks to quick start wizards, which provides a step-by-step guide through basic installation and programming.

When upgraded to WIN-PAK® SE (Standard Edition) or WIN-PAK® PE (Professional Edition) access control software, the system can provide an integrated access control, video and intrusion solution ideal for growing businesses expanding their operations and facilities. The system supports NetAXS-123 and NetAXS-4 access control panels, offering an enhanced level of security with more access control modes and reversed IP communication where multiple NetAXS panels are sharing the same public dynamic IP address behind a router. This allows WIN-PAK XE to easily identify the NetAXS panel and save costs by avoiding expensive fixed IP addresses.

WIN-PAK XE is also compatible with legacy Honeywell NStar NS2 panels to make it easier for businesses interested in upgrading their NStar to a more comprehensive access solution that is suitable for more recent operating systems.

WIN-PAK XE is a complete and comprehensive software package that includes the advanced reporting capabilities, attendance tracking applications, floor plans, photo ID badging and user defined automation that customers are requesting. “One of  the main advantages of WIN-PAK over the years has been its ability to grow with businesses as their needs change, and WIN-PAK XE is part of that strategy,” said product manager René von Franquemont, Honeywell Security Group. “Organisations should have the flexibility to start with an access control only solution and upgrade it with video and intrusion capabilities as their businesses grow. WIN-PAK XE is a great choice for small and medium enterprises that are looking ahead.”


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