Honeywell announces latest version of GX Remote Control

Honeywell has launched GX Remote Control mobile web application Version 2, a solution that allows users to remotely access and control Galaxy® Flex and Galaxy Dimension intruder alarm systems. With smartphone and tablet usage skyrocketing, the app is designed to provide customers with a simpler and more intuitive way to manage their security systems wherever they are in the world.

Honeywell’s latest GX Remote Control app Version 2 is ideal for small businesses with a single premises – such as garages, shops, healthcare practices and offices, and for homeowners. With the mobile app a busy business owner or homeowner can instantly request a status report, set and unset the alarm and review log information – anywhere, anytime – saving time and providing peace of mind.

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“As our customers move toward a world increasingly dominated by smartphones and tablets, we’re focused on ensuring that all of our security solutions evolve in lockstep,” comments Piotr Karpinski, intruder product manager EMEA, Honeywell Security Group. “This latest version of the GX Remote Control app offers unprecedented access to features and functionality when small business owners, homeowners and installers are on the road.”

GX Remote Control mobile app Version 2, available from the Apple® App Store and Google Play™ store app, is even more intuitive than the original version. In addition to offering extra functionality to support end users and installers, the app gives users the ability to control more than one panel from a single smart device, making it much easier to manage security across multiple sites, including home and office space. An improved event log makes it easier to identify the cause of an alarm and take appropriate action. The user interface is modern and more closely aligned with existing app experiences on the market, and with single step and faster log in, it’s even easier to access and operate.

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Installers can conduct diagnostic tests and maintain Galaxy® Flex and Galaxy Dimension security systems – remotely across multiple locations – using GX Remote Control, reducing the time lost to resource-hungry site visits and ultimately boosting revenue and customer satisfaction. Customers who wish to use the app may need to update their Galaxy Flex or Galaxy Dimension system to include an Ethernet module, which provides installers with up-sell opportunities to expand existing customers’ systems. In addition, owing to its fully tested end-to-end encryption, installers and end users can have greater confidence in using the app to manage security systems.


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