HKC will showcase their products at the NSI Summit

HKC will showcase their products at the NSI Summit

HKC will show their products at the NSI Summit

We are once again delighted to present at the NSI Summit in Birmingham this year.

HKC has been serving the security industry for over 20 years. Its UK head office is located in Littleborough, Lancashire.

The HKC panel range comprise both hybrid and wireless control panels and all HKC’s intruder products are manufactured to EN 50131 – Grade 2

The SW 1070 is a hybrid panel and has a capacity of 70 zones (wired or wireless). The panel comes complete with on-board wireless receiver and wired keypad. The SW 20/140 is also a hybrid panel capable of 140 zones and also comes with on-board wireless.

The Quantum 70 is a self-contained seventy zone wireless panel and comes complete with digital, text & voice communicator, siren and on-board keypad. The Quantum 70 is available in two kits. The basic kit includes 2 RF PIRs, an RF Contact and 2 RF tags. The second kit includes an RF Siren.

HKC also manufactures a range of wired and wireless detection devices, internal and external sounders, communication devices, personal attack alarms and a suite of wireless life safety devices. Detection devices available include inertia shock, contact, and motion sensors. The life safety devices available are smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors.

Last year the Company launched its App and Cloud service. SecureComm, the Cloud service, allows system access to both installers and end-users from remote locations. Communication between the Panel and the Cloud is achieved using any of three communication modules available. They comprise the GSM-SC (a GSM/GPRS device with a managed world sim on-board), Wifi and LAN cards. Connecting to the service is plug and play and easy to accomplish.

The HKC App is available on all three platforms (Apple, Android and Microsoft) and allows the end user access to an easy set/unset screen which also shows the current status of the alarm, a detailed log screen, interactive keypad and the ability to turn on and off wired inputs. All notifications are displayed in text as well as being audibly annunciated.

An added advantage for the installer is that SecureComm delivers recurring revenue to the installer and also allows access to SmartLink 700 the company’s upload/download and remote management software.

For more information on the NSI Installer Summit click here

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