HID Global: thinner, more flexible and secure e-passports

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HID Global: thinner, more flexible and secure e-passports

  • Extends offering with one of industry’s thinnest polycarbonate datapages at 600µm, enabling slimmer, more flexible e-passport booklets or additional security layers on both sides of the datapage to prevent duplication.
  • Leverages technology used in the award-winning Irish e-passport programme, where HID Global received international recognition for its datapage durability, reliability and flexibility.

HID Global®, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, has extended its family of secure polycarbonate (PC) electronic datapages that are the heart of today’s high-security e-passports. Available in both standard (800µm) thin (600µm) versions, the datapages are among the industry’s thinnest and enable governments to issue slimmer e-passports or add security layers on each datapage side to make them virtually impossible to forge.

The company’s thin datapages include its patented crack-prevention feature that extends datapage life when incorporating RFID chips. Security is enhanced through HID Global’s proven counterfeit-resistant hinge technology plus a choice of additional security features, such as laser engraving to reduce incidents of tampering and fraud. Easily customised with unique antenna designs, the datapages are available with a choice of contactless e-passport integrated circuits (ICs) from leading chip suppliers. They also support all passport manufacturing equipment and other formats, upon request. Datapage artwork can be customised for local, regional and national design requirements.

“As the leading independent provider of complete secure contactless polycarbonate datapages, HID Global is committed to giving governments the most secure datapage options possible for their e-passport programmes,” said Robert Haslam, vice president of Government ID Solutions with HID Global.

“E-passport demand continues to grow and we are now one of the few suppliers in the world to now offer a thin datapage along with everything else required for a complete solution that ensures the best possible experience for travellers carrying identification documents.”

According to market research firm Technavio, the global e-passport and e-visa market is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.17 percent from 2014 to 2019. Unlike traditional passports, e-passports include an IC housed in the back cover or in the datapage. Data stored on this IC is also visually displayed on the passport’s datapage, and the two are compared with each other and the traveller for secure identification. Secure contactless smart card technology protects citizens’ personal information and provides increased security for the passport document, with multiple security layers on each side of the datapage for optimum protection against duplication.

HID Global datapages fully comply with ICAO standards and have recently been recognised for their valuable benefits in the award-winning Irish e-passport programme. The only supplier to create a complete solution in-house including inlays, HID Global also offers the industry’s highest levels of datapage configuration flexibility, integration options and customisation capabilities to meet unique needs, supported by a broad range of design services.

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