Hi-Tech Euro-Tracking scheme gives Securi-Guard Monitoring the edge

Plymouth-based Securi-Guardsecuri-track-1 Monitoring has launched a major international scheme which re-thinks the rules on incident management for vehicle and asset tracking – saving customers time and money.

One of the UK’s leading independent Secure Operating Centres (SOC) for vehicle tracking, Securi-Guard has invested heavily in state of the art computer software for its innovative Securi-Track initiative which also removes the problem of any language barriers should the driver not speak the language of the country where the incident has occurred.

Under the initiative, it has secured agreements with security firms across Europe to provide a European Police Response Service to incidents of vehicle theft or hijacking abroad.

Currently, it is commonplace for tracking companies reporting incidents of vehicle theft or hijacking abroad to alert a third party company who then have to call a service provider in the country where the crime has taken place.

But Estover-based Securi-Guard’s high tech software takes the third party service out of the equation and links directly to any one of a specially recruited team of partners – highly reputable security companies in key European countries.

The system means both Securi-Guard and its network of European security specialists (partners) are sharing a common computerised incident management platform that can be regularly updated and reviewed, thus speeding up incident responses.

Pete Stanley – Head of Telematics at Securi-Guard – has spent the last 12 months working with top Austrian net services company Denkmaiers to fine tune the computer system, as well as seeking the services of highly reputable security firms in the Republic of Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

“We streamline the service by taking out the middle man, which means as well as being able to speed up the response to an incident, we can also pass on a significant cost saving to the customer,” said Pete.

UK victims of theft or hijacking abroad alert Securi-Guard’s monitoring team in its Secure Operating Centre (SOC), where details of the incident are logged on the Securi-Track system.

The security company based where the incident has taken place are then given a secure passcode, unique to that particular theft or hijacking, as well as access to the system.

It gives them access to up-to date positional mapping and they can display all the information in either their own language or English – at the touch of a button. Any updates added to the incident can be viewed instantly by both Securi-Guard staff and the response company staff abroad.

Once the incident is closed it is archived on the system and can be called up if information is subsequently needed as evidence in a criminal prosecution.

Securi-Guard has carried out extensive trials of Securi-Track over the last few months, which have proved very successful, and has launched a separate website for the service.

The company believes it has huge potential and can lease out the operating system to any of the participating partner countries to enable them to develop their own version of the service.

“We believe this is one of the most exciting developments in the field of incident management for vehicle, asset tracking in recent years and will mark out Securi-Guard as a major player in our industry.” said Pete.

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