HD surveillance helping Connecticut residents feel more secure

Milford-IQinVisionA new high-definition surveillance network is “making a big difference” to the lives’ of residents at housing projects throughout Milford, Connecticut.

The Milford Redevelopment and Housing Partnership are utilising IQinVision HD megapixel cameras on the project, with Valley Communications the integrator. A total of 282 cameras have been deployed across nine developments, with that number set to grow to approximately 300 in the near future.

The cameras, the majority of which are IQeye HD megapixel cameras, are situated across building entrances, hallways and stairwells, laundry rooms, common areas, elevators, and used to monitor parking lots and outdoor public spaces.

Milford aim to improve quality of life and increase safety for residents through the roll-out of the cameras, and, as well as enforcing lease agreements, the management can monitor issues such as keeping facilities clean, illegal dumping, vagrants, unauthorised use of community rooms and catching residents smoking in restricted areas.

The entire surveillance operation is centralised and cameras monitored from one location, so the group benefits from greater efficiency and reduced costs as it removes the need for on-site managers at each of the nine developments.

Anthony J. Vasiliou, Executive Director for the Milford Redevelopment and Housing Partnership, said the addition of the cameras provides the authority with “crucial information” and offers a wide range of benefits to both residents and management.

“Video surveillance is making a big difference in our residents’ quality of life. When people feel secure, that adds to their quality of life. When we diminish any fears that our residents might have and we improve security for our buildings and grounds, that’s a very good thing for our residents and for us,” he added.

“Our cameras have assisted in solving so many incidents ranging from altercations between residents to getting bad behaviour and vagrancy out of our common areas to retrieving a lost key fob.

“We also use our cameras to monitor for maintenance needs during routine situations and during emergencies like hurricanes Irene and Sandy, and the super storm blizzard in which Milford received 38 inches of snow in 24 hours, more than anywhere else in New England. I was stuck at home during the snowstorm and I used our video surveillance system to direct maintenance and snow removal crews.”

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