HD CCTV gives peace of mind to Brits, study shows

camerasSeven in ten people across the UK would feel more protected by HD CCTV cameras rather than standard surveillance systems, according to the results of a new study.

The findings of a survey by YouGov and surveillance solutions company Avigilon found that 72 per cent of the public would feel safer with HD cameras on Britain’s streets to ensure clearer pictures of criminals were obtained.

Eight in ten people said it is imperative that high definition CCTV was employed at transport hubs. Some 69 per cent said it was important to have the technology at football matches, 67 per cent in shopping centres and 65 per cent on public streets.

However, 51 per cent said that while CCTV plays a part in identifying and prosecuting criminals throughout the UK, they believe poor picture quality can be a hindrance.

Robin Hughes, director of business development for the UK and Ireland at Avigilon, said the results showed the “clear value” of CCTV in the UK and how Brits want to see HD – despite estimates showing less than one in ten CCTV cameras in the UK are HD.

“The use of CCTV today is seen as a key asset by the public, but many are quick to notice a difference between the pixelated images on the news and the quality they’re used to in their everyday lives on smart phones or HD TVs,” he said.

“CCTV does create a feeling of security for people, which is good, but how effective is the surveillance on Britain’s streets when it comes to clearly identifying suspects?

“The challenge is to deliver the most effective value from such systems, ensuring responsible surveillance. Not only is it more cost effective for businesses and councils to use HD surveillance, but the chances of prosecution increases considerably.”

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